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Eldest Graduates From College
Today, Eldest graduates from college. Like all major life
events, this gives me pause to remember. I remember the morning my wife’s water
broke. It was July 1st and she wasn’t due until August 4 th . It was four
weeks before the due date and we were both co...

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Spring is Here; That Means One Thing
It is spring and that means facing one stark reality; I have
put on weight over the winter. Actually, I have put on weight over the past 20
winters. Well, to be totally honest, I have put on weight over the past 20
winters, springs, summers, and falls. Over...

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Is It Time Yet?
It is the first week of April and that means two things:
yard clean up and prom shopping. The first, yard clean up, is a necessary chore.   It has been a long, cold and windy winter. Since
my house is on a corner lot, and only a block from a multitude of st...

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It has
been quite some time since I last wrote a blog post. The main reason for this
is, I haven’t written one. Some of the secondary reasons have to do with the
flu, a root canal, and ongoing visits to medical professionals for back
problems. These issues,...

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I May Not Like Politics, But I Like Voting
It was Election Day here in the United States, and election
days are always a big deal. The period leading up to Election Day is a time
when candidates for office and political parties spend enormous heaps of money
to “get their name out there”. Apparently,...

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How Many Languages do You Know?
I have mentioned before that each of my daughters speaks
another language besides their native tongue, English. Let me clarify, Eldest
speaks Spanish; Middlest speaks Latin (and is learning Spanish); and Littlest
speaks French. I must clarify further. Becau...

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My Scientific Observation of The Blood Red Eclipse
This past week,
Wednesday, October 8 th , there was an eclipse of the moon here in the
United States. This eclipse was called a Blood Red eclipse, due to it being
close to dawn and the moon taking on a reddish hue at the height of the
eclipse.   I remember ...
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