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I am fairly active on Google+, and as you may have noticed I like to discuss many political, technological, scientific and other matters. I generally encourage others to join in. However, here is something you should keep in mind for my stream:

If you want to make an argument and cite a YouTube video in support of your claims, I will not watch it.

This is because using a YouTube video to support your claims forces the other people in the discussion (including me) to consume a lengthy piece of media without any prior indication of its quality - I only have your word that the video actually contains useful information or is good at all. I can speed-read text articles, jump to the relevant bits and do Google searches of key phrases and figures mentioned therein, but with YouTube videos I either have to jump around a lot in the hopes of finding the relevant information (hoping that I haven't missed anything relevant) or be forced to watch it all from the beginning - and that may be minutes or even hours of my life wasted that I won't get back. There is too much bullshit on YouTube as it is - and it's much harder to sort it out in advance than with text articles.

The same goes for podcasts. I may be willing to watch videos or listen to podcasts recommended to me by people whose opinions and knowledge I trust, but that list of people is unlikely to include You, Random Internet Stranger who dropped by for an argument.

So give me some text citations, or don't bother.

Ich könnte ein paar Tipps gebrauchen. Ich ziehe bald um, und ich habe einen Vertrag für Internet bei der Deutschen Telekom. Was muss ich da alles machen und beachten, damit ich in der Wohnung möglichst schnell wieder Internet habe?

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Well, that seems to be about par for their stories involving Germany.

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I've come across this article, and it blatantly misses the point - quite possibly deliberately so.

Yes, if the electricity production in your area is overwhelmingly from coal plant, the CO2 balance of electric vehicles won't be all that great - but in that case, the problem is not with electric vehicles. So tear down those coal plants and build something else. Build nuclear plants, or build PV and wind turbines - and since electric vehicles a potentially vast pool of electricity storage, they are awesome for absorbing the intermittent power production of renewable energy sources.

So even if your region is so backward to focus overwhelmingly on coal power, know that by supporting electric vehicles you are supporting the infrastructure needed to replace them and building a cleaner, more sustainable future.

h/t to +Jeffrey J Davis

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Because the President is a man of deep Christian values, apparently.

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Ding, dong...

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Remembering the past.

One of these Stolpersteine was right in front of the apartment house I lived in Kassel.

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The PDF of the Starfinder RPG is out now. I've downloaded it, but had little time to read it so far (and considering that I am currently hunting for an apartment in another city, this likely will continue for a while).

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