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You've probably heard the news - but if not: Google+ will shut down in 10 months.

If you want to stay in contact, here are my other profiles:

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Ich bin erst letzte Woche nach Oldenburg gezogen. Im Allgemeinen habe ich mich schon recht gut eingelebt, aber ich suche noch Anschluss an eine Pen & Paper-Rollenspielrunde - oder Alternativ Interessenten für eine neue Runde (zwei Interessenten habe ich schon).

Ist hier jemand Rollenspieler, oder kennt jemand potentiell Interessierte?

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Ist hier zufällig jemand aus Oldenburg (Oldb) und Umgebung?

Ich bin erst letzte Woche hierher gezogen und suche noch nach Mitgliedern für eine neue Rollenspielrunde...

I used Google Takeout in an attempt to download the content of a Community I own:

While it did create a zipped file I could download, it turned out that the HTML files within the archive only contained links to the individual posts, not the posts themselves.

Is there a way of downloading the posts themselves via Google Takeout as well?
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So wie es aussieht, endet mein aktuelles Mietverhältnis am 30.10.. Ich habe allerdings noch keine neue Wohnung in Oldenburg (und selbst wenn ich nächste Woche eine finde, heißt das noch nicht, daß ich den Umzug rechtzeitig schaffe), weswegen ich erst einmal die dazugehörige Garage weitermieten und dort meinen Hausrat unterbringen werde.

Bei den meisten Gegenständen habe ich keine Bedenken. Bei den Kleidern und meiner Matratze allerdings schon - ich will nicht, daß die durch die doch eher kühle und feuchte Jahreszeit müffelig werden.

Habt Ihr Erfahrungen mit solchen Aktionen? Worauf muss man hier beim Zwischenlagern achten?
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Given the impending end of Google+, I have created an account on MeWe, which seems to be the new platform of choice for a lot of tabletop gamers here on Google+. It has some ups and downs, but for the most part I like what I see.

First of all, many of you have probably heard concerns that a lot of people in the alt-right crowd hang on MeWe. Looking at the assorted groups on the platform, there is probably some truth to that. After many of their most prominent members were kicked off from Facebook and Twitter (but not, to my knowledge, from Google+) they migrated to smaller platforms such as MeWe.

Concerning this, the CEO has stated he is "against censorship" and "for all legal forms of expressions", excepting "hate speech". He is a self-described Libertarian, and is either truly convinced of this or able to convincingly act like this. He has also attacked Facebook's "censorship" of certain vegan groups. Make of that what you will - my personal opinion is that he prioritizes growing the MeWe user base over selecting a specific target audience.

However, I don't think the existence of alt-right people on the platform is not going to be much of an actual problem for other users, and here is why:

For connecting with other users, MeWe uses a mechanic similar to Facebook's "Friend" mechanic - that is, both users must agree to connect with each other. And as of right now, all posts on the platform are private - whether posts in you stream or messages in a group. So you can only see the posts of other people if they have agreed to allow you to do so, or if you have joined a mutual group. There are plans for some public "Pages", but these are in the future.

Thus, the kind of "drive-by hating" that can happen here or on Facebook or Twitter when you post something controversial in public isn't very likely, and if you are harassed by someone, it is simple to remove them again from your friends list - and they can't sic their troll friends on you, either.

So how do the features of MeWe stack up when compared to Google+? Here is my personal list:


- No public pages so far, and no "following" mechanic - which can be important for people who seek to get a wide reach with their posts. You will need to add each would-be follower manually.
- No way of organizing your posts into Collections. If you friend someone, you will see all of their posts, and can't unsubscribe from, say, their "Politics" feed.
- Groups don't have subgroups either.


- There are a lot of privacy settings, and according to the claims of the company they will not marketize your private data - instead they want to finance themselves via premium services (such as extended storage space)
- This product is the focus of the company, and thus they seem actually open to developing new features based on user feedback. For instance, at one point this week the CEO of MeWe actually dropped by at the "G+ RPG Exodus" group in order to discuss recent events with the new arrival and listen to their suggestions for new features (such as a dice roller).
- Groups (the equivalent of Google+ Communities) have a Group chat unless the owner disables it. I am enjoying this a lot - posts are for specific topics, while the chat can be for more wide-ranging discussions. My past efforts to do something similar with Google Hangouts always fell flat because users had to join manually.
- More and better text formatting options.
- All the emojis.

Anyway, I am willing to give this network a chance and will continue to spend some time there. You can find me here:

And here are the groups I founded:

Mythology and Folklore for Storytellers:

Suppressed Transmissions:

German Culture:

I hope to see some of you there!
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Hey everyone, my name is Mark Weinstein. I am the founder of MeWe. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, (inventor of the Web) is an important MeWe Advisor.

MeWe is social done right. We're here to serve you, not sell you.

We welcome and invite all G+ members to join and enjoy MeWe (available on iOS, Android, and Desktop, in 8 languages).

MeWe is the first social network with all the features people love and a Privacy Bill of Rights for members. No ads. No spyware. No political bias. No shadow banning. No Russians paying to show you fake news. No newsfeed manipulation. No facial recognition. No BS.

My BBC interview on June 14:

1-minute video:
Privacy Bill of Rights:
Advisory Board:
Founder Bio:

We've won nice awards including SXSW Start-Up of the Year Finalist and will be the first social network to implement Tim's "Solid" protocol giving MeWe members total control of their data.

Cheers, Mark

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As most of you know, Google+ will close down next year - and with it, sadly, this Community. A sinister ploy by THEM, no doubt.

But the idea of the Suppressed Transmissions cannot be destroyed so easily. Thus, I encourage you to create new Suppressed Transmissions communities on whatever other social media platforms you feel comfortable that follow the same ideas and the same principles. I will then add a link to it to this post, so that others may find it. So far we have:


I will also add a link to the archives of this Community as soon as I have managed to download them with Google Takeout. So far, the download process has failed. A sinister ploy by THEM, no doubt.

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Since MeWe seems to be the most often talked about alternative to Google+ at the moment, I have decided to give it a try:
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Please share this community with anyone you wish. The more people we get talking here, the more coordinated the move will be.

If you're here to declare where you can be found outside of G-Plus, please be sure to post that under New Contact Rolodex.

This community started mere hours after the grim announcement on October 8th that Google-Plus is shutting down in August, 2019. Lots of folks immediately reacted to the news by asking where they should migrate to and how to preserve the communities they formed here, and it was immediately obvious that it would be much more useful if that discussion was centralized rather than scattered across the whole venue. So please, discuss the value of Reddit versus Discord, Mastodon versus Twitter, even going back to blogs and forums, but share it here so folks have an easier time keeping connected after the change happens.
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