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Sampo Syreeni
An eccentric, an intellectual; a libertarian, and much nicer IRL.
An eccentric, an intellectual; a libertarian, and much nicer IRL.

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Not just Heston's signature, but in Nip/Tuck as well. Holy crap. 8)

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That syncopation. Wow! And the millennial, girly angst in the video! Ouch!!!

What I said just now on FB, when dimensions and their simple analogies came to fore:

"Also take a look at the part of Greg Egan's Diaspora, derived from his earlier Wang's Carpets. It essentially depicts a two-dimensional, computationally complete substate (derived from the Wang Tiling theorem) which internally simulates a higher dimensional reality. Then, stratified deposits of the same actually trace the whole of what happened within that reality. The question is asked: if you take a 3D piece of that sort of rock, is it alive?

Because seen from within, none of the simulated beings wouldn't know. Their entire life history would be contained in successive layers of the rock, and the rules/natural laws which caused the rock to form as it did, would imprint the whole history of their universe onto successive layers of the crystal. What to us is time as the fourth dimension, would to them be just the third dimension we can perceive directly as a static thingy.

Which then obviously forces us to ask the deeper question: whether our 3 spatial dimensions seemingly evolving over time, actually might be a similar static crystal for some 4D being? A timeless, static, 4D crystal, with one of the dimensions tracing time, and the rest of them being what we see from within. Physical laws causing the crystal to grow as it does and enabling us to be, yet, if that 4D observer took our reality-crystal out of the solution, time as we know it would stop. With all of our history being fully preserved in the crystal thus far grown.

Would we know? Of course not. But even more interestingly, would we have been alive in the usual sense if one of those 4D beings grew such a crystal in a lab and hanged it on her wall? Because within that artefact would be the whole of us and our reality, in nice, physically complete form, and with us fully thinking there's time and causality going on. Freedom even, and all that. Yet from without, all of that is a static artifact, a nice gem with interesting structure...hanging on your wall.

Obviously, that all is a nod towards Einstein's, Minkowski's, Riemann's, who even knows whom else's geometrization project. The one which made Einstein treat time as just another dimension, which could be intrinsically be thought of as being a static part of the overall, 4D manifold, resulting from the general relativistic field equations, with no real sense of directed, dynamic time, at all. ;)"

+John Baez Since I don't know too many people who have read Egan's work with any thought, much less know him personally, and definitely very few willing to critique this sort of stuff... Tell me, do you think my interpretation of Greg's thing being a conscious nod towards geometrization is in the ballpark?

+John Baez One of my Finnish jounalist friends seems to be interested in the abc-conjecture, and its purported proof. Could you perchance help her find one of the few people on this Earth of ours who have some sort of an awning of how the proof is supposed to work? What it means, and so on?

I mean, few journalists really delve that far, or quickly. If you could help her, I'm pretty certain the world would be a better and more mathematical place. :)

She is +Maria Pettersson. If you need more information about her, I can easily share that as well.

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Just saying. It's awesome. 8)

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Häiriö. Aivovamma. :D

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Elegantti ratkaisu simppeliin ongelmaan.

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Do I seem weird? (The obvious first question, duh.)
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No, most people typically don't understand it. But what the hell, it's still a total hoot for me. 8)

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Kah. Illii shittii analogi- kuten digipuoleltakin, samaan aikaan. +Oona Räisänen, taas sori, mutta kun en nyt vaan tiedä kamalan paljon  tyyppejä jotka dekoodaa yhtään mitään, edes puolivillaisesti tai nimeltä.
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