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Complete Research Project with Revisions
Learning the Tricks or the Trade: Wikis as a Space for Learning Zebadiah Kraft Introduction As a beginning research project, I wanted to research ways
of learning on a wiki because they are influential in my own teaching. I am
beginning online teaching for ...

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Conclusion and Implications for the Classoom
The implications of
TVTropes are that it is an exemplary model of the affinity space and wiki. As a
group, the intentional community at TVTropes seems committed to their craft;
they do not hesitate to discipline transgression, but they do not hesitate to be...

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Polished Analysis
  I collected data in the
beginning of this project that portrayed the difficulties of becoming a member
of the TVTropes wiki. That difficulty is represented in the two data sheets
below: the first is an introductory section about posting edits on the TRS “...

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Working Synthesis
Synthesis of related research The wiki is rarely cited in research as a space
for learning or interaction in the library database. In fact, I have only so
far found one source that references TVTropes explicitly. That source is “A Submersion

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1)    Site --Where did you conduct
your research? Why? As an interested outsider I have not been involved
in the workings/compilation of the massive wiki, The site is an
intersection between the fan, the scholar, and the critic of a more gener...

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Free Choice: Understanding My Project
For the free choice blog, I
decided, like most of us probably did, to write a reflection of my project. My
reflection is on the purpose of my look at the TVTropes wiki,
because honestly I have not been entirely sure what I am doing up to this point. For tho...

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Data Sheet The Second: Trope Repair Shop
SUMMARY This second piece of data I collected because it represents
more of the bureaucracy at work on TVTropes. The “TRS” mentioned at the top
means Trope Repair Shop, and this post was compiled to keep the wiki
running smoothly, by a moderator. There are ...

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Data Sheet 1 Discussion
Introduction: For an initial data analysis of, I chose to take a snapshot of the discourse surrounding one of the websites expressed concerns. In the example I will discuss here, the moderators of the site interact with the members or TVTropes ...

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What To Do?
As a digital literacy project, I have decided that is the worthiest site to get me involved in an online community of
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