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Swift Crash Course
Beginner Getting started with Swift programming using Xcode 6  from Practical Swift helps you download and setup Xcode 6. Amit Bijlani  from Team Threehouse wrote  An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift  in which he goes over the basics of Swift. You should ...

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Swift RoadMap
Basic iOS Learn how to make applications using the autogenerator tools of Xcode. These are things like storyboards and the Xcode generators like the master-details template. Inevitably this will be an application that uses a UITableView and then some sort o...

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iOS Human Interface Guidelines
UI Design Basics Designing for iOS iOS App Anatomy Adaptivity and Layout Starting and Stopping Navigation Modal Contexts Interactivity and Feedback Animation Branding Color and Typography Icons and Graphics Terminology and Wording Integrating with iOS Desig...

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Essential Tools for iOS Developers
As an iOS developer there are many products, services and libraries that you must consider when building, testing, launching, marketing and monitoring your apps. Here are the ones I have chosen to use currently. Services Crash Reporting Crash reporting is e...

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Swift frameworks, libraries and software.
A curated list of awesome Swift frameworks, libraries and software. Awesome Swift UI JSON/XML Manipulation Databases Testing Documentation Events Queue HTTP Caching Security Logging Third Party APIs Extensions Misc Resources Swift Books Swift Videos Swift P...

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Apple claims that Swift is 3.9x faster then Python.
Apple claims that Swift is 3.9x faster then Python. I’ve run some tests to check if it’s true. I wrote the same QuickSort algorithm in C++, Swift and Python and then I run it for 100000 element random array on Core 2 Duo iMac. The results are – 0.287s in c+...

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Shortcut for Xcode
To help you get started, here’s a handy chart with some of the most commonly used editing and navigation keys: Arrow Keys Move cursor left/right/up/down
Control+F Move cursor right one character, same as right arrow
Control+B Move cursor left one charact...

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Swift Style Guide
This style guide is different from others you may see, because the focus is centered on readability for print and the web. We created this style guide to keep the code in our books, tutorials, and starter kits nice and consistent — even though we have many ...

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Swift Quick reference
Swift  the latest programming language released by Apple for developing OS X and iOS apps. Best of C and Objective-C Adopts safe programming patterns and modern features Supports playground, a tool for seeing the result immediately. Provides access to Cocoa...

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Day to Day function
abs(...) advance(...) alignof(...) alignofValue(...) assert(...) bridgeFromObjectiveC(...) bridgeFromObjectiveCUnconditional(...) bridgeToObjectiveC(...) bridgeToObjectiveCUnconditional(...) c_malloc_size(...) c_memcpy(...) c_putchar(...) contains(...) coun...
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