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Funny idea. Let's try to support +Kathy Morlock and +Tom Rolfson

And afterwards let's check the results in the next days at ;)
Tom Rolfson originally shared:
Is +Larry Page in your circles? He should be
Is +Sergey Brin in your circles? He should be
Is +Mark Zuckerberg in your circles? Why? He doesn't belong post here.

Circle Larry & Sergey, UnCircle Mark, share this and let's see if we can get Larry & Sergey over the 1M Circles mark in a week to show the strength of the Google+ community.
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I was just going to say hey Circle Count just circled me...
Is this campaign sponsored by Google?

The Google+ community has spoken, and they MUCH prefer Facebook's founder to the founders of Google -- notwithstanding attempts like this one to distort the natural figures. And Zuckerberg doesn't even actively use G+, whereas Page and Binn both do!

I have to admit, it's comical. This must be embarrassing for Google and the PR agencies employed by them to promote G+.

And yet, the stats don't really surprise me. Perhaps Google and its staff are simply not as cool, trendy and popular as they believe.

Enjoy! ;)
Could it be that the G+ community are not so petty as to alienate +Mark Zuckerberg , unlike the sheeple on FB that alienate G+ users for no other reason than to get more friends they don't know and create a hate G+ group.
We are better than that.
Aren't we?
Paul, wow, those are strong feelings. :)
+Paul Budden We are not better, we are all the same ;)

I think this is a funny idea of +Kathy Morlock.
For me it's not "+Mark Zuckerberg, the facebook founder" but "+Mark Zuckerberg, the nothing saying man", so that's the only reason, why he is not in my circles. And I'm not afraid to miss his first posting, since this will be probably the most reshared posting in Google+ ;)
I am not concerned with his first words, it just seemed like it was a post to attack him, the person, not the FB Founder.
There are many people on here that don't say much.

All I am saying is that I think we should encourage him to join in, not push him out.
Do we want to be the same as FB? I bailed FB to step away from the low level thinking and become a part of this intellectual community.
+Paul Budden I agree with you wholeheartedly, I'd love Zuckerberg to engage more on any platform. G+ users still love the FB founder more than either of the founders of Google though, even here on their own G+ platform. :)
I didn't want to attack anyone, sorry if it comes off like this.
It's only interesting that he is leading the rankings and more interesting to see if such a "fun-campaign" has any results.

Even an intellectual community should have fun ;)
+Daniel Sandstein it just seemed more like we should remove him from circles..
I mean if my "Friend" base kept dropping because people didn't want me about, then I would not get involved.
That is all I was trying to say.

I know this was not your idea, please don't take this personally.
So, after many days of vigorous campaigning, one of Google's founders has finally overtaken Mark Zuckerberg in terms of the number of G+ circles -- but only by a minuscule margin:

It only happened after a major viral campaign to manipulate the stats; and even then it took a long time. Half-way through the campaign, Facebook's founder was still twice as popular on Google+ than either of Google's own founders -- and that's the true and undistorted picture.

Google's legions of staff and die-hard loyalists conveniently omit the most important detail in their triumphant boasts, but they know the truth better than anyone.

Also, remember, the number of circles is not the same as the number of followers! Each user can put someone in multiple circles, grossly distorting the figures with ease if that's the objective as it was in this case. Congratulations on proving little more than the fact that that G+ has no shortage of Google-worshippers.

Campaigns supporting Google find it surprisingly easy to gain traction, perhaps due to the corporation's indestructible force-field of worshippers,wannabes and sycophants! ;)
+Kathy Morlock If I have one follower who puts me in ten circles, I'm in ten circles. It's simple arithmetic. :)

But ouch! I didn't expect my diatribe be taken so seriously, thought some people might not like it. I find that the more extreme and entrenched somebody's views, the easier it is to upset them. I genuinely apologise for any upset. I'm just laid back, this is an interesting debate, it's fun.
Don't be stupid if you take a follower of yours and put it in 8 more circles it's not going to bring up your numbers, why are we discussing this again, because I'm really confused?
you can't even follow more then 5,000 people... it's the limit... and in your circles you can put people in every circle it does not increase your number of people following you. Now the people following you will be in your circle of followed, if in fact you are following them back. But since those numbers are in two different categories, one of them being limited, I find whatever you are trying to say or prove to be unfounded and ridiculous. Whey are you contacting me in the middle of the night?
Depends which number you mean. I wanna make sure nobody is counting the actual number of circles here. I'd be surprised if they were, but just in case.

On a more serious note, congrats on the success of the campaign! I'm impressed.
+Kathy Morlock

"Whey [sic] are you contacting me in the middle of the night?"

I'm not. This is how Google+ works. I thought you were a fan! (I'm in a different timezone, I'm in the office.)
You aren't going to anger me, I have nothing to be angry about. If you don't know how to use Google+, it's not up to me to teach you.
If I make a typo, I don't need you to point it out for me. But thanks anyway.
+Kathy Morlock I don't want this to turn into an argument. I use G+ for fun. FB is what I usually use. You said I was "contacting you in the middle of the night" so I just wanted to make sure you realise that I wasn't and this is actually just how G+ works. :)
Kathy, nothing.
You're both on the same side but misunderstanding each other (that's what I understood with my german-english ;) ).
I DO know what's going on, believe me and I've been here since day one of BETA testing . There is NO misunderstanding.
+Daniel Sandstein is right :) The fact that we're all here on G+, besides the fact that we're discussing the success of the campaign, would suggest that we are all at the very least interested in the same topic.
I was here from the Beta, too. :) It's official, we're cool. :) I still use Facebook every day, but that doesn't make me a bad person.
and for your information Tim Acheson, your lovely little update on the paper is going to blow right up in your face.
Why will it blow up in our faces? :(
1/2 the numbers Tim? Please get your story straight, before you spout off. Because I do know the entire story, because it's my story and I started it.
+Kathy Morlock I see what you mean, but I don't think anybody will take that formula seriously. I hope not! If they do, they might as well divide the number of circles by 100 not just in half. The bottom line here is, your campaign was a success.
Tim, Sherilynn would like to know if you have any links to any data, the link that you provided is 404ing. Thanks for the input, dig a bit more into the story! Better get digging Tim ... times wasting...
The link still works for me, weird.
Well it's not working for your co worker... apparently and tell her I already copied the statement she just deleted...
This isn't a story, it's a bunch of people wanting to get their CEO to #1 on GOOGLE Social Stats... because it's google... As we stated numbers of times, Zuck can be and is the CEO of Facebook and that's great, he was circled when he joined because people like him and thought he would participate, he never did. end of story... you want to break that as big news go for it.
Larry page doesn't participate. Except perhaps at a bare minimum level. His last post here on his own company's attempt at a social network was FOUR DAYS AGO.on 19/20 Oct. His previous post on G+ before that was 14 Oct. I wouldn't get too excited about this level of "participation"! You'll find that FB users are on there all day every day.

I wouldn't expect Zuckerberg to participate here. Google as a corporation have created G+ specifically in order to try and compete with the company that Zuckerberg created. Google doesn't like Facebook, and if they could put FB out of business they would do so and call it a success. Why does Google care so much? Because has now overtaken as the most popular website.

Google led the way in search, but that was a decade ago and the web has moved on. Google has been dining out on search for too long. :)
You had a conspiracy going on with Sherlynn, yourself and Zee and I have everything I need to prove it as well as circlecount and it's been locked down in here as well as sent off site. No one here did anything wrong, I have no idea what the above statement has to do with ANYTHING. People here respect Zuckerberg and most of them still have active Facebook accounts, myself included. It was a simple act on my part to see if we could act as a community to get our CEO to the #1 spot, the real question is, IS WHY YOU PEOPLE WANTED IT SO BAD.
If anyone is hating here, it's you. For CircleCount to come in like that and circle me and others and offer to have fun with this... is very interesting.. It's going to make for a nice inclusion piece to your story. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean for the woman who writes stories, but shows a little too much leg to the guys when she's doing it.. (right off her profile)
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