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A lot of white ghosts on a blue screen ;)
///// The Google+ World  - Google+ Visualised /////

As you know we are totally into statistics and graphs now we just made another one for you.

We visualised the profiles in our index with a publicly shown location (more than 4 million). Each of those profiles got a 2x2 sized pixel in white and each of those pixels is 10% transparent.

Then we mapped all of them on a blue background and now look, what you can see, without any borders. Since our 2x2 pixel are 10 % opaque you can see that the whiter places are the more populated once.

Feel free to reshare so as many people as possible are gonna see our Google+ World here.

We hope you like it! 

You can use the image as your background image or however you want. 1600x1200px should be enough ;)
You can find this image also here:

Or use this optimized version ( as background on Google Search, like +Michael Stuart described it here:

Or add it the chrome theme which +Carl Lindeberg has just created in the comments:
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Daniel Sandstein

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Great to see my friend +Nils Tschampel finally in Google+ ;)
The Marketing Manager of
(posted by +Daniel Sandstein)

Today we are very happy to introduce to you one more member of the CircleCount-Team!
+Nils Tschampel is since long time member of our team and was in incognito-mode on Google+.

He will be the 3rd official member of our team (next to +Rick Lutz and me) and will be mainly our Marketing Manager and the person who will represent CircleCount officially.
So, if you like to have CircleCount team members in your circles, follow him ;)

Hi Nils, nice to see you here! ;)
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following! ;)))) hope to some cool destinations we're going! ;))
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Daniel Sandstein

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CircleCount Chrome Extension

With the following link you can update our Chrome Extension to the new version:
(you will be asked the same question as if you would install the extension)

We have an important bugfix for our extension. The faster everyone is using the updated version, the faster will be performant again.
If you want and think that your followers have also installed the extension, feel free to reshare this post ;)

Thanks +Mohamed Mansour for the fast help about how to force the update.

+bish s you can try to activate the hovercard-info in 1-2 days again, the server should be faster then ;)
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Probably it was, but today the server load looks better than yesterday. The more people update the extension the better it is.
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Daniel Sandstein

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The Cream of the Crop of March 2012

What's this?
On +CircleCount everyday some very interesting persons are choosen and recommended. These are persons without hunders of thousands of followers but with a lot of interesting content. You won't find silent people here leading the rankings, but interesting people that are worth to be followed.

You can find the Cream of the Crop daily here:

Past Cream of the Crop circles:
February 2012:
January 2012:
December 2011:
November 2011:
October 2011:
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Hello +Daniel Sandstein. Shared via +Yet Another Circle 
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Daniel Sandstein

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This Input/Output game is fun!

Check out also our +CircleCount logo in the game: ;)

Google I/O 2012 brings together thousands of developers for three days of deep technical content focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise application...
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Daniel Sandstein

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"A killer feature"
I hope noone was killed! ;)

Thanks again +Miguel Blanco!
In which shared circles are you? A killer new feature by the CircleCount folks
We all have seen posts by users who are welcoming new followers and wondering who added them to a shared circle. Until now finding out who to thank for adding you to a circle was an interesting treasure hunt since Google + does not inform you when you are included in a shared circle.

The CircleCount folks are releasing a new very useful table that will inform you in which public circles you have been included. This will help folks that see suddenly increase in their number of followers understand who has included them in which circle and give them the opportunity of thanking them. This feature is available in your profile page in (Login and select Your Profile)

You can view the latest shared circles here:

And view the details of a shared circle (A recent example where I was shared):

And if you want to read about other features in CircleCount, check the following article:

Follow the +CircleCount page for latest news on their new features
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Totally killer. Game-changer, actually. Thanks for all the great work you all do.
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Daniel Sandstein

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Glad to be in such a great circle!

Thank you +Jaana Nyström 

European Google+ Helpers circle!

People who know about Google+ in it's different aspects and are ready to share their knowledge, often in many languages.

Enjoy a lively and informative stream around many different topics!

Here is the list of all the people in the circle:


#Jaanatip   #Googleplustips   #circles  
In this Circle:
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Well deserved, +Daniel Sandstein!
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Daniel Sandstein

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Go, vote!

via: +pio dal cin
Vote for Google+
Want a way to thank Google+ for the awesome social network they built for us? Go vote for them at the Webby Awards!

via +Rahul Roy

What are the Webby Awards?

--> A Webby Award is an international award presented annually by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for excellence on the internet with categories in websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile
Two winners are selected in each category, one by members of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and one by the public who cast their votes during Webby People’s Voice voting.
The award is one of the older and better-known internet-oriented awards and has come to be associated with the phrase_ "The Oscars of the Internet." -- wiki -->

Please share so others can vote too!

ping: +Trever McGhee +Guy Kawasaki +pio dal cin +Daniel Ely Rankin +Daniel Peckham

Thanks for getting me to vote +Rahul Roy! Not taking your post, just wanted a different graphic and wording - all credit for this call to action goes to Rahul!
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done! :))
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Daniel Sandstein

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Check out the new feature of +CircleCount!

Manage the posts you like most with one click at

This is for sure a feature +Google+ will launch soon (right +Natalie Villalobos / +Louis Gray? ;) ).
In the meantime you can try this at home ehm at CircleCount ;)
New feature:
Manage your favorite posts with CircleCount

Starting today you can manage your favorite (public) posts of anyone on Google+ at!
The easiest way is to use our Chrome Extension, which has been updated right now for this feature to version 1.4 (see at the end of the post for the direct links).

Please check the album of this post to get a better overview about this new feature.

You can use this feature like +Rahul Roy did for his last two weekly posts ( and, but you can also use this feature to create your own favorite posts page like:
- (by +Jaana Nyström)
- (by +Benjamin Cortis)
- (by +Jacob Dix)
- (by +Luc Suy)

You can also set tags and get special pages for a tag, for example the page of +Rahul Roy for the tag "Google+ Tips":
- (by +Rahul Roy)

You can start directly (without the extension) here:

Here you can find some randomly choosen favorite post pages:

Some links regarding the extension:
- Install the extension:
- Force the update of our extension:
- Rate/review the extension:

Any feedback is welcome!
You can also show us your favorite posts page or tell us how you will use this new feature (like a weekly post).

#circlecountupdate #postmanagement
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To your question: such a ranking won't be possible, since we can't get this information for all people here.
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Daniel Sandstein

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Utrecht was nice...

And no, I've not been searching for a dutch translator for CircleCount ;)
I'm sure, it would be faster to find in Google+ someone, right?
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Luc Suy
Feel free to contact me, I'd be glad to contribute, +Daniel Sandstein.
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Daniel Sandstein

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+Jari Huomo has collected the Most Valuable Google+ Users here:

These users are shown on a very nice page of Jari here:

And here is the shared circle filled with these great people!

And just to let these people know (though they would for sure see it in the shared circles at +CircleCount ;) ( ):

+Jaana Nyström, +Gabriel Vasile, +Max Huijgen, +Denis Labelle, +Laurie DesAutels, +Jeff Jockisch, +James Lawson-Smith, +Mohamed Mansour, +Martin Matysiak, +Thomas Morffew, +Marcus Smith, +Sarah Hill, +Dolidh Young, +Anthony Fox, +Kathy Morlock, +Stefan Svartling, +Eoghann Irving, +MILOS JANATA, +rahul roy, +Dan Soto, +Lord Parker, +Michelle Marie, +Shamil Weerakoon, +Johnathan Chung, +Wes Lum, +Jacob Dix, +Mike Elgan, +Natalie Villalobos, +Bobbi Jo Woods, +Mike Shaw, +Jari Huomo, +Marie Hélène Visconti, +Peter From, +Mark Traphagen, +Mara Mascaro, +Heidi Lynn, +Ray Bilcliff, +Lars Fosdal, +A.V. Flox, +Pasi Ääpälä, +David Barron, +J.C. Kendall, +Elisa Tammela, +Carter Gibson, +miriam dunn, +Stuart Williams, +stephanie wanamaker, +Darryl Van Gaal, +Jack C Crawford, +Ahmed Zeeshan, +Tim Jones, +Melody Lynn, +Rodney Pike, +matthew rappaport, +Yifat Cohen, +Trey Ratcliff, +Sumit Sen, +Ron Clifford, +Ryan Crowe, +Ali Adelstein, +Pam Adger, +Elizabeth Lund, +Thorn Button, +Denise Morgan Kalicki, +Charles Lupica, +Alex Grossman, +David Bowden, +Jakob Nilsson, +Daniel Treadwell, +Alex Racanelli, +paul t beard, +Shani Hiraoka, +Elisabeth Bieniek, +Brandon Luk, +Sherri Nissel, +Dan Peterson, +Jason Kowing, +Alizée Rait, +Jahangir Alam, +Christina Trapolino, +Ole Olson, +Viktorija Perak, +Shirese Louie, +Kaprina Steward, +Hesham Zebida, +Shannon Adelson, +Mark Hanson, +Brandon Oh, +Alex Schleber, +M Monica, +Elizabeth Holloway, +Ayoub Khote, +Lisa Miller, +Amanda Blain, +Darren Dowdall, +Sandra Parlow, +Melissa Fisher, +runy key, +Shelly Gunderson, +Paul Blackman, +Charlie Hoover, +Daniel Taylor, +Kate Savage, +Ricardo Williams, +mohammad torabi, +Connie York, +Zohreh Jafari, +Terence Towles Canote, +Roberto Gelleni, +Bud Hoffman, +Mandy Haga, +Kissie Nana Adwoa Atl, +Brynn Brown, +Mary Sass Clark, +Paige Keaton, +Howard Weitzel, +Carms Perez, +Kari Hill, +Tracy Thompson, +Jessica Wood, +Shane Williams, +Debbie Seggern, +Pam Chalkley, +Richard Prins, +E.E. Giorgi, +James Wong, +Jaycee Crawford, +Rebecca Harrison, +Janice La Mere Hackney, +Jeffrey Sullivan, +Shell Rummel, +Louisa Catharine Forsyth, +Susana Segat, +Henry A. Otero, +Louise Fryer, +Stephen Ancliffe, +Sherrie von Sternberg, +Lee Smallwood, +angelique blincow, +James Shewmaker, +Trever McGhee, +Christopher Gallagher, +Shawn McClure, +Leanne Staples, +Chris Kim A, +Andrew Clifton-Brown, +Keith Cramer, +Linda Villers, +Mahyar Ina, +Patricia Tallman, +Gary Munroe, +Vivienne Gucwa, +Mark Richards, +Gilmar Smith, +Martin OBER, +Rich Pollett, +Fraser Cain, +Fawn N Rhodes, +Greg Kroah-Hartman, +Cliff Loresco, +Jurate Stanaityte, +Ted Ewen, +DeAno Jackson, +Rory Swan, +Kataliya Rudolph, +Michael Han, +Eve Windmüller, +Melony Isaac, +Erin Henderson, +Lupe M. Luevano, +Pamela Gay, +Farzana Shan, +Matthew DeVries, +Ola Birch, +Pat Kight, +Nicole Burgoz, +Tisha Craw, +Bob Bouchard, +Rachael Alexandra, +Mike Rector, +Ryan Van Sickle, +Carola Vanos, +Rob Gordon, +Samantha P, +Bliss Morgan, +Cláudia Bispo, +Ann B., +Arthur Sido, +jUKKA Kansanaho, +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran, +Darryl W, +Lacerant Plainer, +Brent Fishman, +Dirk Reul, +Anna Perdomo, +Philip Plait, +Euro Maestro, +Stephanie Fecik, +Hannah Grimm, +Ping Charms, +Lori Friedrich, +Lina A. Gugliotti, +Ileane Smith, +Pam Keller, +Rod Dunne, +Viviana J. Deleon, +Wesley Yeoh, +Sarah Rios, +Jean Bezivin, +Jane Ellen, +Shevonne Polastre, +Crystal Mills, +Ramaa Sharma, +Rebecca McMillan, +Chris Morgan, +Mikko Tyllinen, +Frances Schermers, +Mercè Gamell, +Tonja Kilby, +Lucretia Yeh, +J. Hancock, +Ann Wuyts, +Sean Cowen, +Mz Maau, +Richard Martin, +wine France, +Darryl Mouzone, +Shannon Brearley, +Paras Shah, +Joshua Evan Powell, +James DeHoniesto, +Roland Byrd, +Brian Kelley, +Chris Mallory, +Rehan Ahmad, +Nathan Beaulne, +dolma hongkong, +Jules Hunter, +Jerry Johnson, +Aicha Goins, +Mark Thoma, +Karen Waters, +Mark VandenBerg, +Kate Church, +Jo Anne Thomas, +Chris Miller, +Janos Honkonen, +Kai Schmidt, +Natosha Davis, +Alex Lapidus, +Anthony Russo, Jr., +Joseph Lee, +Patrick Sharpe, +Cynthia Parrott, +Meri Walker, +Laurie Nation, +Joe Vallee, +Margaret McEvoy, +Ardith Goodwin, +Joylynn Graham, +John Nandor, +Armand Salmon, +Suzy Jenkins, +Vahid HT, +Conni Biesalski, +Stephanie L Davis, +Odd Jeppesen, +Jason M, +Elena Papastefan, +Marty Bonner, +Frances Uku, +Alexius Jørgensen, +Gene Bowker, +Mylah Nazario, +Mari Sterling Wilbur, +Giselle Minoli, +eleisa barbour, +Relojo Asenime, +Arman Shirzadi, +moorche S, +J.L. Btwee, +Guy Kawasaki, +Gregory Allan, +Dede Craig, +Mikko Karvonen, +Paulissa Kipp, +Mohamed Asem, +Thomas Skibinski, +Alex Balcázar, +Cheryl Cooper, +Matthew Hervert, +Stacy Frazer, +Lee Brown, +Mona Nomura, +Robert Patton, +Christina Lihani, +Paul Steele, +Jadey A-S Wilson, +Anthony Russo, +Claudine de Faÿ, +Rajini Rao, +Samir Osman, +Kaori Egholm A, +Peter Lindelauf, +Adam Boenig, +Matt Makowsky, +Mace Moneta, +Tim O'Reilly, +Vicki Elam, +Gizella Nyquist, +Geof Fantastico, +Gemma Costa, +Jeremy Seifert, +April Gamel, +Patricia Elizabeth, +Alireza Yavari, +Sandy Schepis, +Jan McCartney, +Jason Huebel, +Laura Topliffe, +Tracie Villalpando, +Brian Kwong, +Elaine Barlow, +Scott Cramer, +Sugah Applezz, +Bunni Is, +Niamh Brown, +Uwe Reese, +Jack Hardman, +Takahiro Yamamoto, +Chrysta Rae, +Stephanie Van Pelt, +Robert Ball, +Zaid El-Hoiydi, +Allison Sekuler, +Heidi Anne Morris, +Aidy P., +Kol Tregaskes, +Queen Jeanene, +Matthew Graybosch, +Tad Donaghe, +Jose Acosta, +Karen Shackles, +Jake Perillo, +Gari Hatch, +Martijn van der Meulen, +Ursula Rodgers, +Lori George, +Alexander Becker, +Kimberly Hayworth, +Sherree Worrell, +Skip per, +Kenneth Campbell, +Luis Roca, +Billy Wilson, +Dee Solberg, +Jack Vetterli, +J Agnew, +Peter Edenist, +Jeremy Hodges, +Daniel Meilchen, +Justin Rowland, +Rebecca Rippin, +Julia Robertson, +Samantha Gluck, +Kyle McBride, +Jennifer Ouellette, +Dan Gillmor, +Rob Roschewsk, +Michele Cornelius, +Moira Russell, +Linda Lawrey, +Technogran, +Harris Thanos, +Kari W., +Peter G McDermott, +Gideon Rosenblatt, +Erik Buljan, +Eustace James, +Michael Pope, +Lisa Bimmerz, +YungSang NaN, +Boudica Foster, +Sarah King, +Staci Finch Thompson, +Tracy L. Crawford, +Gail Beerman, +Susanne Ramharter, +Liz Krane, +keva bishop, +AJ Kohn, +pio dal cin, +Ricky L Jones, +Ken Rathke, +Christian Reyes, +Annette Junge Daugaard, +Laston Kirkland, +Karim Phillips, +Grace O'Malley, +Gord Birch, +LAURIE WADE, +Stephanie Vaughn, +Le Andre' Ward, +Chanchal Bhatia, +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh, +Timothy Lake, +Jan Jensen, +Katherine Gramann, +Darren Miller, +Isaiah Mullins, +Lena Levin, +Nina Piccoli, +Pete Donohue, +Calvin Christopher, +Jesús Segura, +Darrell Lee, +Musekyto Dulac, +Kendra Potts, +Risto Linturi, +Jake Easley, +Brad Leclerc, +Chris Lang, +AmyBeth Inverness, +Kristin Milton, +Dave Pentecost, +Amine Benaichouche, +Shinae Nae Robinson
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Thank you for including me!
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Daniel Sandstein

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The Cream of the Crop of February 2012

What's this?
On +CircleCount everyday some very interesting persons are choosen and recommended. These are persons without hunders of thousands of followers but with a lot interesting content. You won't find silent people here leading the rankings, but interesting people that are worth to be followed.

You can find the Cream of the Crop daily here:

Past Cream of the Crop circles:
January 2012:
December 2011:
November 2011:
October 2011:

This month we will mention again everyone of you.
But you can find this Shared Circle also on your profile at (

+愛蓮池 🌺, +Aaron Yates, +aastha raj, +afra nabilla, +Alex Adelman, +Alex Lapidus, +Alex Racanelli, +Alex W., +Amanda Broughton, +Amanda Mohamad, +amir hassan, +amy ramadhani, +Angelika Ritter, +Anja Mackenbach, +Anthony Powell, +Anupama Kim, +Aria Tahm, +Art Jonak, +ata imanpur, +Bahman Daroshafaei, +Barbara Wirtz, +Bearman Cartoons, +Beate Dalbec, +Becki Wavle, +Bernhard Rypalla, +Bill Dickinson, +Bill Hutson, +Bora Baysal, +bree olson, +C. Spike Trotman, +C.C. Wagashi, +Cedric BONNET, +Cédric Leblond, +Chet Mitchell, +Cho Tang, +Chris Mallory, +Chris Ney, +Christopher O'Donnell, +Clark Little, +Cory Booker, +Craig Smith, +Cristiano Basso, +Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, +damien c, +Dane Boe, +Daniel Aguilar, +Daniel Dočekal, +Darren Moran, +David Jacobs, +David van dyk, +Dazia Pineda, +Dokhtar haji, +Don Dahlmann, +Don Jesu, +Doris Shen, +Duane Hall, +Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado, +Edward Fisher, +Eleftherios Kosmas, +Elena Karneeva, +Elena Veronesi, +Eleni Messini, +Elin Dalstål, +Elsa Mota Gomes, +Emily Valentine, +Emma Wood, +Eric Fredine, +*****, +*****, +*****, +Esteban Gallego, +ESTELA SILGUERO, +Ezequiel B.N, +Farbod Be, +farshid tehrani, +fatemeh zakizadeh, +Filip Lučin, +François Beaufort, +frank hgs, +Frankie Donjae, +Gautam Savaliya, +George Koruth, +Gerrit van Aaken, +Gregory Onision, +Grobler du Preez, +Gustavo Martinez, +hamid reza, +Hasti n, +Hideki Kamata, +Hitomi Ayanami, +hosein jozi, +hossein aghazadeh, +Hossein Fatemi, +Hossein Narimani, +Ian Johnson, +iaura B., +Ideh Gh, +Idoia Irazuzta, +Iman H, +Imane A, +Ingo Boelter, +Jaakko Paarvala, +Jarek Łukaszewicz, +Jari Salo, +Jean M. Hoogacker, +Jean-Pol Clausse, +Jeff Smallwood, +jeremY jaspeR hermaN, +Jerry Hildenbrand, +jie johnson, +Joanna Haag, +Joshua Dale, +Julia Peterson, +Julian Reid, +Justin Hill, +kainat zeeb, +karin Schranz, +Kathleen Ko, +Kazuhiro Fukazawa, +Keita Kagurazaka, +Kelly C. Jones, +Kelly Fee, +Kenneth Williams, +Khan Daee, +Kiana F., +Kiana R, +Kim Stevens, +Kinanti Larasati, +KIT CHAN, +Kohichi Kanda, +Koosha Bennet, +Kshounish Ray, +Kwansik Yoon, +Laci Green, +Laila Kanwal, +Laura Dean, +Laura Harding, +Layla A, +Leighton Smith, +Len Saltiel, +Leo Lambertini, +Leumas Mik, +Levin Heselhaus, +Linda Villers, +Lord Parker, +lori mcnee, +Luke Austin, +Lynn David Cole, +Mahsaee e, +Maria Jose C, +Maria Millions, +Marianne Bush, +Marija Falina, +Marina Chen, +mark helm, +Mark O'Callaghan, +Mark Wilson, +Marketta Aaltonen, +Markus Thompson, +matt ts, +Mehmet Gökdemir, +Mehrnaz tilda, +Meng Chanitnun, +Michael Beckett, +Michael Hensley, +Michael Mauderer, +Mohadese Onsinejad, +Mohammad Sarshar, +Mohsen Asi, +Morkel Erasmus, +Morteza Ghasemi, +mr. mahdi, +Nargess Sarmadfar, +Nastya Sudarikova, +Natalia Stone, +nazi bafekr, +Nikki Benz, +Nina Yau, +Noleen Saunders, +nomad korovanov, +Olga Grigorieva, +Olga Kafka, +Oliver Winter, +Olivia V., +Omid Jafarnezhad, +Paolo Cardone, +Paras Shah, +Parastook M, +Patricia Geyr, +Patrick Metzdorf, +Patrick Rothfuss, +Paul Olejarczuk, +paul stickland, +Paula Gime, +Peter Chao, +Peter Writer, +Pierre Marcolini, +Priya Shah, +Pujiono JS, +Rachel Blum, +Rafal Makiela, +Raheel Ahmad, +Raph Koster, +Rebecca Ammon, +Rebecca Borg, +Renee Kirk, +Reyes Guillotto, +Rikard Lindby, +Rinus Bakker, +Roger Goun, +Rollin Leonard, +Rumiana Nikolova, +Sadegh Nikoo, +Saeid Shojaei, +salim madjd, +Samakhom Muksiew, +Sandra Canning, +Sangeeta Agnes Hosea, +Santanu Nandy, +Sara Khan, +Saulo Magno, +Septimiu Catona, +Serban Simbotelecan, +Serge Ivanov, +Sergio Amiti, +Shaahin A, +Shabnam Sh, +Shadi Sadr, +Shahrzad Hemati, +Shamik Ganguly, +Shantha Marie Fountain, +Shell Rummel, +Siddharth Pandit, +Simone Linke, +Siriphak Rakchan, +Sogol Karbalaei, +Stefan Brandl, +Steve Holden, +Steve Mayne, +Suhaib Ayaz, +Svetlana Novakovic, +Swapnaatakan k p, +Swati Kanojia, +Takumi Yamamoto, +tania sonnenfeld, +Tarık Aslan, +Tato Pozos, +Thierry DECKER, +Thomas Eichberger, +Thorsten Schnorrbusch, +tikabanget gituh, +Tina Gallinaro, +Tomohiro Kuge, +Trisha Standard, +Tyler Atkins, +Ulf Bjolin, +Ursula Vernon, +vahideh d, +vahideh zeinali, +vikhil nv, +Vincent Lefebvre, +Vuroujak Z, +Wajiha Tayyab, +wannisa taramat, +Warren Sebastian, +Yaroslav Chygliaev, +yasaman tashpour, +yasamin b, +Yoli lp, +zahra zarei, +Zeinab A, +Χαρούλα Νικολαίδου, +Ігор Кіянчук, +Виктор Леденцов, +Михаил Кутовой, +Сергей Морозов, +از جنس خدا, +بهار .ب, +خالد المشدق, +رامین سا, +زیبا محبیان, +سید زاویه زاویه ای, +عبدالله عبيد, +عمو کیارش, +محمد نگاری, +محمدصالح مفتاح, +میترا حسینی, +نخود بانو, +نم نمک, +すずきくみ, +二和富良, +勝亦裕美, +大岩さや, +宮﨑陽子, +張雨薇, +法意小秘書, +王定宇, +筱小宇, +高橋さんご
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Just recognised that +Morkel Erasmus should have been included in the circle... he is mentioned in the post if you search for his name, but for some reason not included in the circle!
That was just a mistake and he should be in there.
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Have him in circles
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Let's count some circles! ;-)
Checking things around the world and having fun with social mashups.
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