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Patrick Healy
I fix things, connect people, and like tacos
I fix things, connect people, and like tacos

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This is where +Prismana is keeping their blog posts. This is a pretty cool feature of Google+.

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I've been lousy about sharing my stuff from +Prismana I should probably do this better and more often. :-)

This post talks about the dreaded "direct" label in your analytics reports. It helps to reduce that unattributed traffic and deal with the things you can control better. Enjoy.

#Attribution #DirectTraffic #GoogleAnalytics #Analytics #MeasureWhatMatters
For anyone who's ever been frustrated by the term "direct traffic" in their analytics reports. Not all of it is avoidable but some is and parts that are not can be dealt with better than they have up until now.

#Analytics #DirectTraffic #Attribution #Data #Tagging

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This goes hand in hand with channel based call tracking. You need to have a good mix of channels in order to really see what's working and what's not. This will help you separate the winners from the losers.

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My latest on #CallTracking and how you need to approach the way you do it. If you are a big company, session based is a good option. If you are a SMB or you don't do much paid advertising, Channel based tracking all the way.

#Attribution #SMB #Analytics #MeasureWhatMatters

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Thank you +Mike Mueller​ and +Ken Cook​ for having me. It was such a great experience!

#SMEDGE #Prismana #SMB #Attribution
Where are your leads coming from? +Patrick Healy knows. He built +Prismana to answer just that! #SMEDGE

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This is a pretty cool plugin for seeing exactly what your other devices - or even bots - see.
Trouble With Disapproved Ads In AdWords ?

Invalid HTTP Response 403 Error - This can be very difficult to resolve!
Everyone you talk to will have their own ideas about what's wrong, but few will agree. It could be almost anything.

* Problem with your .htaccess file
* Improper file permissions
* WordPress security plug-in acting up
* An over protective firewall
* Server configuration error
* SSL Certificate problems
* The list goes on...

And if it means your AdWords campaign goes down, you may not have a lot of time to troubleshoot the problem. Google Webmaster Tools can help if you have an account and your domain has already been verified.

But there is an alternative. You can use a Chrome Extension to switch your User Agent to Google Bot and find out exactly what the Google spider see when it looks at your landing page. 

What is the most you've ever heard of someone paying for a long form piece of original content (around 2500 words)? #JustCurious

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Apparently, the reports of the death of link importance have been greatly exaggerated.....
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