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Just published a post on the use of metadata standards in Digital Asset Management (DAM): #Nuxeo

In order not to delay the LTS release, and so as to get one more feature sprint before the release, we decided to remove the release of the 5.9.6 fastrack. This doesn't change the scope of the LTS release, which is to be public on November 11th 2014. You can checkout  for the scope.

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Added a documentation page on the often unknown Collaborative Mode on Studio:

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Did you know this discreet new framework feature on 5.8? You can enable traces and download them from the /nuxeo/site/automation/doc url. Very easy now to get the values of each parameters of each operation of a given chain at its last execution. More information and a sample output here:

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I have just watched this week's webinar with Vilogia: really cool !

What I saw there: 
- Integration of Nuxeo with an ERP : Coheris. All the customers documents and mail exchange is stored in Nuxeo, although in the process, users never see Nuxeo !
- A custom Nuxeo browser developed with Vaadin. Actually many Nuxeo users develops a parallel simple document browser with limited features. In the end, it really looks like an OS browser. I had seen this also at Académie de Lille, they had done this in php
-  A worth-to-see new feature for Nuxeo: contextualization of the search result ! You can see what phrases were around the text you are trying to match. How did they do this ? They parallely index the doc in a Solar server, that already has this feature out of the box, and when they display the search result, for each lines, Nuxeo (in a custom pageprovider) queries Solar for getting the context information. The smart thing here is that you don't need to index the security context in Solar, since you just fetch information by document id, and that the security filtering is done by Nuxeo :)

Have you ever thought of using Nuxeo Workflow module for implementing wizards ? +Frédéric Vadon  just demoed me a publishing wizard he has done, that rocks !

There is currently a great activity around  technical documentation! Here is a little summary of what has been recently done.

- Using IIS in front of Nuxeo
+Benjamin Jalon   has written a complete page on how to configure IIS as a reverse proxy in front of Nuxeo. 
See :
Hopefully he will find time to work on nginx  this summer, until then, any feedback would be very welcome on the topic.

- Implementing local groups and roles on workspaces
+Benjamin Jalon  once again has shared a pattern he used several times those last months at customers for going beyond default Nuxeo UI out of the box features in terms of permission and roles management. In a nutshell, you can have role-based permission management in one single java class thanks to the Computed groups service :)

- New, up-to-date Studio tutorial:
+Frédéric Vadon  has started a 3 parts tutorial (currently writing the second one) that makes a great tour of basics of Studio, from document type to automation, etc…  More than just a set of instructions, it is an on-the-ground experience tail, sharing with us multiple small patterns that bring answers to some common use cases in document management. He will probably notify us here on the progress of its work, but you can already start reading it here or recommend it to everyone at  the beginning / middle of the Studio learning curve !

- Nuxeo expression languages explained:
Bertrand, our new Nuxeo trainer, has started re-organizing the doc on the use of expression languages and "contexts" in the platform (SEAM EL, JSF EL, MVEL, free marker context, etc …). He started with an introduction page that will be the entry point in the future (work in progress) for finding reference information on all the existing contexts, as well as sample expressions that can be used etc… Definitely a page to watch :-)

- Configuring additional import actions on the new DAM bulk import UI
The DM default bulk import UI was improved and integrated in DAM UI. It makes the DAM bulk import process easily configurable, see the details here: Thanks Benjamin !

- Automation test framework 
Some great people of Nuxeo community (clue : they contributed the Outlook plugin ;)) are working on an Automation C# client and needed help for unit testing the page. +Vladimir Pasquier  regrouped the java and javascript automation unit test so that you can easily re-implement them in any third party language in which you try to implement and validate an automation client. Links to java unit-tests are still missing on the page although most of them are already coded, but if you are interested immediately, just ping us and we will get back to you :)

Automation chains executed in the workflow are run "unrestricted". For that reason, using @{} would return "system". I just discovered you could use @{CurrentUser.originatingUser} to get the "real" current user :)
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