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Elite Water Polo & Swim page under construction!
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The weight gain that can creep up on students new to university life, referred to somewhat hyperbolically as the Freshman 15, is something 18-year-old Diana Farnand was determined to avoid.
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For those who signed up for scholarships to our first occupational training program / Life guarding class.
Class starts today at 4pm, please bring a swim suit you will be in water each day.
If you have a laptop available to you, please bring that as well.
Saturday class will start at 9:30, Sunday 9:00, Monday 11:00, Tuesday 1:00, Wed 11:00. Please note; times may change slightly.
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Leadership group;
For those who can make it we will be helping feed the homeless on December 4th from 12:30-2 at Sam Hicks Park in old town Temecula.
I still need some of your applications & have the leadership t-shirts ready for those who have their apps turned in.
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Look for our new page soon! Google + has opened up:)
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Looking forward to this weekend, Leadership group kick off their new fundraising efforts to fund their upcoming community service projects!!
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Great job this weekend!
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Healthy to Our Kids Inc. is a Nonprofit corporation with the specific purpose of creating a Healthy environment for children by offering health & fitness opportunities, nutrition advice, community service opportunities, mentoring, athletic/scholastic guidance, water safety and aquatic activities.
At Healthy to Our Kids we believe that we can make the world a better place by engaging families, friends, and community partners to make healthier lifestyle choices an option at home, school and in athletics for our children.
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