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Jim Joseph
Agency President, Author, Blogger, and Marketing Instructor
Agency President, Author, Blogger, and Marketing Instructor

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United Airlines and the Banned Leggings
Once simple little tweet from an observer set off a fire storm of social media. The problem is that the tweet didn't contain all of the facts...a problem du jour with our news cycles and social media commentary. In this case, the observer watched two young ...

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Capital One and The Brackets
It's March Madness, and it's mad this year! I was at an airport yesterday and everyone was crowded near the bars to watch the big screens. And there were big screams happening up and down the runway, I can tell you that! It's made for an interesting season ...

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Carrefour Italy - Baby Night
If you're going to really connect with your consumers, then you have to show them that you get them and that you get how they live their lives. And that you are there to help them in their points of pain. Which is exactly what Carrefour in Italy did when th...

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Can't Be Everything to Everybody
You simply can't be everything to everybody, not in marketing anyway. See what I mean in my article for Entrepreneur . Click here to give it a read. What's your experience?  JIM

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Ben & Jerry's Goes Non-Dairy
If you're a Ben & Jerry's fan like me, it's hard to imagine a non-dairy version.  How could the brand not be about "real" ice cream? They basically invented this super premium category, at least in my book, so how could they stray in any way? But here we ar...

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Branded Easter
It's almost spring and it's almost Easter, so you know what that means...Easter marketing. Every year there's plenty of it, but this year we seem to be getting more new products than ever before, at least to my naked eye. Like these delicious little nuggets...

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What's Happening to Retail?!?
Every day we hear about more retail stores closing their doors? What's going on? I tried to tackle the issue at Entrepreneur . Click here to give it a read. What's your experience? JIM

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Canada Goose Goes Public
For the past several winters, there's been one prevailing logo on the streets, and this winter was no different...and with the massive snow storm hitting the east coast this week, the timing couldn't have been better. Canada Goose. As in the winter coats fr...

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McDonald's Goes French
In what is apparently a concept test, McDonald's recently opened a French-inspired restaurant in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. The decor is definitely more upscale with a concierge, bar seating, and self-order kiosks although you can still order the sta...

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Where's the Heinz
Don Draper, ala Mad Men , finally got his campaign sold...evidently nearly fifty years in the making. If you are familiar with the now classic Mad Men television show, you may remember when the lead creative director presented what seemed to be a breakthrou...
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