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Dawn Cicchini
Country heart in a city home.
Country heart in a city home.

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Which animal are you? I'm a pangolin :3

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Silly yelling chickens. :3

A general note to social media marketers: I will find your page or group if and when I am interested in what you are promoting, talking about or selling. I will find pages through my friend connections here, articles and features, and my own curious link hopping. I will not suddenly become interested in your cause if you start following me out of the blue because you stumbled across me in a shared-interest group and added all the members to your circles.

This isn't MySpace. This isn't a contest to see who can get the most "Friends" or "Followers". This site is a way to connect genuinely with people who want to see what you're saying. And I don't.

It is a free social networking site and you are within your rights to add anyone you think fits your market niche, but I am within my rights to block you if I think you're circle-spamming.

Someone who opts out.

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I gave Kiva $25 a year ago and it's funded two loans and been paid back both times. Now that same $25 is going to fund another young woman's education. And that's awesome. If you can afford to give to a charity this year, do it through Kiva and change someone's life.

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Would love to see more of this here in the burgh.

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"A steady state economy requires steady state materials."

Thanks for the invite! :) I've got a question about citrus and other fruit trees - I live in zone 7b where popular garden trees like dwarf citrus wouldn't overwinter outside. Is it possible to pot a dwarf citrus tree and bring it in for the winter each year? Would it still blossom and fruit in cooler, shorter summers? I'd love to have fresh citrus from our urban garden.

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Spring is in the air and I'm eager to get gardening! Planning on purchasing tickets to the 2013 Mother Earth News fair tonight and getting some garden planning and prep work done tomorrow. Wooooo!

Also as we approach the seed-starting season, here's food for thought.
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