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Ward Cunningham had a hangout named fedwiki. {url}Sven Dowideit, Nick Niemeir, Ward Cunningham, R.T. Lechow, Adam Solove, Jesús Andrés Acendra Martínez, Terry Wrist, keivon laurine, Patrick Mueller, Sean DeNigris, Rado Kubani, Pratik Patel, Eduardo Temes, William Ukoh, CARL BRERETON, mussab alhasabany, Renzo Zambrano, David Hebert, Branimir Dolički, Andrew Hay, Benoît Fleury, agu monkey, Dario Louzado, Kent Beck, Greg Peek, Ethan Soutar-Rau, Thomas Lowenhaupt, Tejas Pillai, Smart Jones, Quinndell Blackwell, Nathaniel Herman, Jonas K, Bill Seitz, Nancy White, Sean McKay, Daan van Berkel, Chris Wisehart, Dean Goodmanson, Michael Hausenblas, Berni Atelšek, Steve Elefant, Jordan Henderson, Srinivas Sudhindra, ramon sanchez, Bob Hartwig, git trac, Gerry Gleason, Jeffrey Hulten, Lenandlar Singh, Michael Maranda, Ratnadeep Deshmane, Mike Loukides, Joselo C., Pablo Nussembaum, Andrew Davis, Thomas Quintana, Julian Bee, Danny O' Connor, Steven Baker, Jaider Andrade Ferreira, Joe Hand, Jalal Ashrafi, Mark Addleman, Travis Wellman, Ben West, NDIA Agile Road Show, Graham Brooks, Michael Mahemoff, Philippe-Arnaud HARANGER, Mehran Kordi, Don Park, Francisco Marcondes, phil jones, Harlan T Wood, Kevin Green, pat mcgovern, Kenn Hussey, Cole Mac, Wang Feng, Nicholas Hallahan, Bruno Pedroso, Troels Lisberg Nielsen, Mark Dilley, Jesper Jensen, phuong nguyen, Ravi Sankar Ivaturi, Darren Hobbs, Steven Black, Pablo Nieloud, clive boulton, james wreck, Robert Evans, Mike Yinger, Michael Yinger, Robert Anderson, and Brad Newman
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Ward Cunningham was in a video call with 50 others
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I probably missed this. I was on the impression that it was in two hours only. Where is the precise info on the starting time? Next week I will be in Japan, not sure I may catch it.
My plan is to host public hangouts about Smallest Federated Wiki every Wednesday morning USA west coast time (UTC +8) and at random other times as network connectivity and workload permits.

G+ has been nice enough to give me this list of attendees. If I remember you speaking at this or earlier hangouts then I'll let you know whenever I launch a random hangout.
Just discovered your federated wiki project - great work you are doing here! I unfortunately missed this hangout.
Have you already considered using git to track the history and different versions of each wiki page?
Since quite a while I've been dreaming about a wiki inspired by the distributed way people collaborate on github - code shouldn't be all that different to wiki content.
Mirko -- GitHub is one of many inspirations but is not part of the implementation other than hosting the project. CouchDB and my own Folk Memory position paper are other inspirations.
Do you think the project could benefit from functionality git has implemented? Things like going back in the history, merging-in changes others made or keeping track when and by whom each paragraph was written.
The problem I have with git is that it only sees what I've done, not what I did. If I apply a refactoring, then I want to record that refactoring as an action, not try to discover it from the result.

For example, say I convert temperature history from degrees F to degrees C. I see this as a small and mostly reversible change but git would be hard pressed to understand what I've done by looking at the numbers.
I think I understand what you mean. You are basically missing the ability to add some "meaning" to a commit in git.
In your particular example this could maybe be solved by working with an appropriate data structure when representing temperatures.
Something along this:
"unitOfData": "C",
"unitDisplayed": "F",
"data": [25, 25.1, 24]
When you now change the displayed unit to Celsius you just modify the "unitDisplayed" property while the actual data values are not touched.
Committing this change to git makes the intention clear as you really only change the unit and not the data, which is reversible.
But you have probably given these problems way more thought than I did. So don't know if this really solves your example.
Federated as in Star Trek federation of planets. Nice! 
Has RecentChanges been implemented? Is there a standard page-name for it?
Bill: Yes, [[Recent Changes]] (which becomes /recent-changes.html)
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