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Will be hanging out here again in less than an hour. Come learn where we're at with Smallest Federated Wiki.
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Ward Cunningham had a hangout named fedwiki. {url}Sven Dowideit, Nick Niemeir, Ward Cunningham, R.T. Lechow, Adam Solove, Jesús Andrés Acendra Martínez, Terry Wrist, keivon laurine, Patrick Mueller, Sean DeNigris, Rado Kubani, Pratik Patel, Eduardo Temes, William Ukoh, CARL BRERETON, mussab alhasabany, Renzo Zambrano, David Hebert, Branimir Dolički, Andrew Hay, Benoît Fleury, agu monkey, Dario Louzado, Kent Beck, Greg Peek, Ethan Soutar-Rau, Thomas Lowenhaupt, Tejas Pillai, Smart Jones, Quinndell Blackwell, and Nathaniel Herman
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You were in a video call with Sven Dowideit and 30 others
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Ward, can you please let me know a good email address to use to intro you to some people I think would be very interested in the Federated Wiki work? I can be found at nancyw at fullcirc dot com. Thanks
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