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Ofir Ramirez-Rios
OLD ACCOUNT, don't add it to your circles!
OLD ACCOUNT, don't add it to your circles!
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I won't be posting anything new here anymore. If you still have it in your contacts, feel free to delete it.

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We're not weirdos...

We're just a little bit crazy ;)

#womoco #mormon

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Some people really live their lives...

...the rest of us, just watch their videos.

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Excellent article about the present sad reality. We all think we are so special that we sometimes forget that the only path to success is through real hard work and dedication.

This is actually a major reason why I'm not on Facebook with all my childhood friends and acquaintances; because I know I would tend to subconsciously peek at their lives and give too much importance to what others are doing, even to the point of comparing myself to them. Instead, I prefer to focus on myself, my family, and the road that lays ahead of us.

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Ok, so here is the album where I'll be keeping progress of the SV Frankenbike build project. Also visit for the full Build Log.

#frankenbike #womoco #sv650 #OfirMX
SV built-with-donated-parts project
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Who's in?

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Am I the only one scared about things like these?

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Haha, I really don't care much about the phone wars, but this is just too funny not to share.

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Awesome talent by my cousin Melisa Spolini
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