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Meet me in the present moment.
Meet me in the present moment.
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Why did I ask for those LLAP selfies? It was a task for a charity scavenger hunt I was doing. Here is what we made with your help! And I put it into Guinness to see if it makes a world record!

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Sorry, I don't usually post stuff like that, but this strikes a chord with me... Please sign the petition.


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Can't believe it's January and the cherry blossoms are already out in Canada! :)

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Best card dealer in the world?!  Mad skills, Bravo!

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For #MountainMonday , curated by with +Michael Russell. +Mountain Monday

Classic view of the Black Tusk, from Panorama Ridge, at Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada.


Nikon D600 (with brand new shutter mechanism replacement :D) with Nikon 28-300mm lens
1/100 second
ISO 400
Picture control: Landscape

Irfanview PP: Sharpen

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One of my favorite guitar players... R.I.P. the Texas Tornado! :(

Johnny Winter - Serious as a Heart Attack

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Remembering SRV.

Oct. 3rd 1954 - Aug. 27th 1990

It's too bad I discovered his music 2 years after his death. Would have loved to see him play live!

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As usual, lots of fun on Robson St. with the zombies. :)

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These zombies are a lot of fun! :)

#vancouver   #zombie   #walk  #2013 
2013-08-17: Vancouver Zombie Walk 2013
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Thanks to all the Vancouver zombies for making this one of my favorite events to photograph. You guys are a blast! ;)

#vancouver #zombie #walk  #2013
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