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That's one of the funniest fucking tweets I've seen in a long time.

Meh.  I think GLAAD has much better fish to go after, but if they wanna waste their time on this, I have much better LGBT organizations to donate my queer money to.

(Does no one remember the days of QUEERS READ THIS and word reclamation?)
I think if you find the metaphors of being the receptive sexual partner as a position of "submission" or having something (often negative) beyond your control done to you... you're going to spend a LOT of time offended and I am not sure it is worth the effort.    I mean the same general idea is in play when you say "We're f&#cked!"   Should we be offended by that?

But all of that is kinda moot because most everybody is really bent out of shape about him daring to use that word and ignoring the boring.   I agree with +Cindy Brown and it's a step backwards...
I think people are being a little revisionist. He used the slur "house faggot" which is rather specific, and parrallels a term from slavery "House Nigger" - the slaves who were often treated best, and favored by masters, dressed in real clothes. As a result of the treatment they were given they often treated the field slaves with disdain and sided with the Master regarding any disputes or complaints. He was drawing a parrallel with the way GOProud is so willing to cozy up to the GOP, regardless of how the GOP feels or treats gay people. Would it have been better to use "House Gays" instead, probably, but if you're going to take issue with him, don't ignore what he was actually saying.
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