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Transform your work (and your DAM) as an intrapreneur and bring the characteristics of an entrepreneur into your role.
Use the entrepreneurial mindset to manage your DAM & meet user needs. Based on learnings from the 2016 Special Libraries Association (SLA) annual meeting.
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Connecting concepts: Digital asset management and search engine optimization.

#digitalassetmangement #DAM #contentmangement 
Learn the basics of SEO and how a digital asset management system (DAM) can help you organize and name digital assets to support SEO rankings.
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Is 2016 the year your company or organization gets a #DAM system (and makes life at the office wayyyy easier)?

If you're purchasing or considering a DAM system, read this guide to moving in.
Finding a digital asset management (DAM) system is like finding a new house or apartment. First, you look at a lot of places, compare features and prices, and eventually pick a new home. Next step: moving in. In the DAM world, moving your assets into a new system is known as implementation.This article will outline implementation steps, like revisiting your needs assessment, gathering assets, developing metadata, setting permissions, testing, upl...
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Start the new year right with a tidy DAM system.

#digitalassetmangement #DAM #contentmangement 
Your DAM system needs regular attention to stay organized and remain useful. Here are ten steps to keep your DAM tidy!
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All about managing, organizing, and sharing your digital content.
We share trends and topics related to digital asset management, or DAM, or the art of managing all the digital content companies and organizations handle today.

Join us to discover resources, news, and community for those seeking digital asset management education and community resources. Plus advice. We know you need a digital asset management system and we want you to find a solution that works for you. Seriously, life is too short to be emailing back and forth about file requests and recreating lost assets.