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I so wish I could have gone to this, but I had a christmas party to attend. One of the few times those of us in Hawaii have had an opportunity like this.

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I added some categories (which I called tags earlier). I guess only community owners, and possibly mods can set tags. I added a few, feel free to post away about any other categories ya'll would like to see.

What's up everyone? I have a feeling that google hasn't quite fleshed out how communities integrate/separate with circles yet, so that's how I think we should approach this community thing. Loosey goosey, and we'll figure it out as we go =).

If anyone sees any new features or things to try, give it a go, or drop me a line. Ex: In the running community, I saw preset tags that could be applied to posts. I'm assuming that's there for future search/sort/subdivision functionality. I'm looking for how to set those tags for our community.

In the running community, there are (moderator set?) tags that you can apply to posts. So I posted there with the tag "running gear/tools". Methinks that's there for future search/sort/subdivision functionality. Perhaps those tags may be synonymous with the perpetual or long running threads in the lounge?

So we'd have TheWalkingDead tags, PicturesThatMadeYouLol tags, etc.

Homemade ice packs, two parts water, one part rubbing alcohol, in a ziplock bag. Two thumbs up!
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