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Chuck “Goat” Merriman
I'm an Atheist Roman Catholic Jew. O_o I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!
I'm an Atheist Roman Catholic Jew. O_o I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

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So my engaged friends contacted me. ‘Hey, we’re headed down your way to go to a restaurant down there. Want to join? We can pick you up.’ ‘I guess I can join.’ Shit, I just agreed to a blind date, didn’t I?  So they pick me up, and she says, ‘Well, this…

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Obsessive people who fish around for information are probably the most annoying people in the world. Yes, this is directed at you. You know who you are. As you’ve used that general phrase before. There’s nothing here, besides this post, that has to do…

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ugh. I actually started a tindr account. Less than 24 hours, and nothing mutual yet… figures.  So yeah.  Thanks Jake, your advice went absolutely nowhere. Maybe next time you could actually have a conversation with someone, before giving advice. Or stop…

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So. I haven’t said much about m new job, as it’s been keeping me very busy. But the cash is SOOOOO good. I’m printing labels and stickers at Greenbush Tape & Label. My Grandfather was a printer, so I’m continuing the line. And there’s also this bit of…

Anyone have $34k that they can let me borrow? 

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Every time I would write something in here my previous boss would read my blog, not leave any comments, and then bring up out of the blue something that I would only write in here. Not, ‘Hey, I was reading your blog and…’ or ‘I was as in a similar…

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From twitter:

"Nathan‏ @natemaggio
Hey NYers. Can you please spread the word? I've lost my dog. It's been a terrible 24 hours of looking for her. Help if you can."

+Jane Millerick​​?

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#Caturday #MysteriousMinds
It's not actually that you are seen as the stick figure creature who can
produce food...

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I'm considering going full beard. For the summer, I usually go with just the goatee, but after a compliment from a trusted friend, I'm thinking about not shaving. Thoughts? It's coming up to that time of year. 
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No beard (just goatee)
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