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Aamir Khan ready to back film on surrogacy
Actor-filmmaker Aamir Khan, whose youngest son was born through surrogacy using the IVF (in-vitro fertilization) technique, says that a film on the topic of the medical procedure can be made. He is also ready to back such a film provided the script is feasible.

At the launch of a new fertility wing of Jaslok Hospital here, Aamir was asked if a film can be made on the topic of IVF, surrogacy to raise awareness about the issue.

He said: “Certainly, why not? If a nice story comes out, you can certainly make a film on it.”

Would he like to make one? “It will depend on the script. I don’t have any fixed opinion of what kind of film I should make,” he replied.

Aamir’s third child and first with second wife Kiran Rao named Azad was born through the procedure in 2011. About the stigma associated with the procedure, Aamir said: “Every person has difficulties and weaknesses. We should not hesitate about it. Today so many things are possible medically, which were not possible earlier. Personally, I can say that the happiness Kiran and I have got, was invaluable.”

Did any of the two have second thoughts about the process?

“No, there was no such hurdle. Kiran and I both wanted that we have a child. So when Azad was born, both of us were very happy and wanted that we present the news well to people, and people should be aware of it.

“So we had told the media and we are very happy we did so, a lot of happiness has come into our life with it.”

On the professional front, it is being reported that Aamir will share screen space with megastar Amitabh Bachchan in a film titled “Thug”.

Talking about the film, he said: “I think it’s too early to talk about that, so we’ll see. Mr. Bachchan is someone I’m such a huge fan of. I grew up watching his films, I just love him and respect him in every way. I’ve learned so much from him. If I get the opportunity to work with him, that will be my dream come true. So I hope it happens. But when it does happen, we will definitely tell you.”

Aamir will be seen in “Dangal” later this year.


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Tips for Travel during Pregnancy
During pregnancy, whether you're planning a trip to ease your mind from all kinds of stress & worries or going for an important work trip or going to hometown to meet your family on some special occasion, make sure to prioritize your comfort & health while on the go. Here are some few tips that would be useful for you during your travel:
Timing of Trip: For most women, pregnancy has its fair share of nausea, discomfort and fatigue. But the good news is all three symptoms don’t usually remain for the full nine months period. Take advantage of the second trimester when you've likely overcome morning sickness, but not yet felt the onset of increased fatigue. When possible, it's best to schedule your travel between the 20- and 30-week marks & try to avoid traveling after 36 to 38 weeks of pregnancy.
Prefer Domestic Destination: If you can reel in those vacation fantasies to domestic locales, you may face less discomfort on your journey. If you do venture somewhere outside of the country, steer clear of cities with extra high altitudes. It is recommended that pregnant women (especially those with complicated or at-risk pregnancies) avoid sleeping at altitudes higher than 12,000 feet. Also don't do anything that could potentially hurt you or the baby. So avoid high risk activities like skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, etc & maximize your time in a new destination with brisk walks, low-impact swims or relaxing yoga on the beach.
Always keep a copy of Prenatal Records: No matter where your journey takes you, always bring along a copy of your prenatal records and medical notes. And while you're planning your trip, be sure to determine where the nearest hospital or medical facility is located. If you need treatment from a local doctor during your trip, your records will provide an essential starting point to the medical professional to understand the circumstances of your pregnancy. If you have health insurance, keep proof of insurance with you at all times.

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Surrogacy: A New Hope for Gay Parents
When we hear the word surrogacy, it is instinctual to think first of the relationship between the woman who is carrying the baby and the parents who are waiting to hold the baby in their arms. In generic cases it is usually a mother-to-mother thing, but now, with changed perceptions, surrogacy for gays has come up, challenging some of society’s hypocritical norms. In liberal-thinking countries all over the world, the legalization of gay marriage has brought hope to millions. Parenting is now a subject of discussion for gay couples. More gay couples are opting for surrogacy to experience the joy of parenthood. Sociologists observe that children with gay parents show more empathy for social diversity, and are less confined by gender stereotypes.
The idea of surrogacy for gay men has gained momentum now & gay couples are looking for viable surrogacy options. Here are few of the available options for gay parents:
1. Donation of sperm from one of the fathers in a couple, for those that wish for a child that is genetically related to one of the parents.
2. If either of the partners has viable sperm, they can engage in physical contact with a consenting surrogate mother in order to conceive.
3. Artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization (IVF) can be completed for the surrogate mother.
Also, a tandem cycle allows both parents to have the chance to obtain multiple embryos, some eggs are fertilized by one father and the remaining ones by the other. While there is no guarantee that both embryos will be implanted. It gives both fathers an equal chance for being biological parents.

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Infant Baby Talking Timeline
Most of the Parents remain worry about that there babys proper growth and development and they want no stone unturned or ready to spare any expense for there babys good development. Babys Talking pattern is a major sign for babys proper mind, physical and psychological development. From that first coo to the full play-by-play of their day at school, children's language skills usually develop in an orderly fashion. Here's an idea of what to expect when – but it's perfectly normal for a child to hit these milestones a little early or a little late.
Birth to 3 months: Makes quiet cooing sounds when pleased. These are typically a single vowel, like ahhhh.
2 to 3 months: Cries differently in different situations. As you get to know your baby, you may be able to distinguish a hunger cry from the cry he makes when he's tired, for example.
3 to 4 months: Vocalizes mostly vowels, but cooing becomes a little more sophisticated, with more varied sounds.
5 to 6 months: Practices intonation by making her voice rise and fall, often in response to baby talk and your facial expressions.
Suggestion: If your child isn't making vocal sounds by the time she's 6 months old, talk with her doctor.
7 to 12 months: Begins to babble with greater diversity, making new sound combinations and intonations. Tries to imitate your speech, putting consonants and vowels together (like "bah-BAH-bah" or "dee-dee-dah"). Has pretend conversations with you, taking turns "talking."

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Baby Massage Benefits
Baby Massage is a really delightful way to soothe your baby and to express love and affection to her. It helps to create a strong bonding of you with your baby. But that’s not all, there are some really great benefits of giving massage to baby such as:
1. Improves digestion and bowel moment in babies,
2. Better blood circulation in babys body which improves her nervous system and makes her heartbeat and brain activities stable and help in proper growth of baby, 
3. Ease teething pain that she may be feeling, makes her relaxed & help her to sleep well, 
4. Help in her physical, mental and social development, etc. 
And there was a study conducted whose results show that massage in the early days could help newborns to recover from jaundice more quickly. Giving massage to your baby will not only be a pleasant experience for baby, but will also be a lovely experience you too. You may find that giving your baby a massage lifts your mood and helps you to feel more empowered as a parent. The soothing strokes of your triggers the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin in you and your baby which will gives you & your baby a warm, loving feeling.

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Baby Joy IVF Centre Delhi_IVF Treatment Centre_Surrogacy Centre India
China bans egg freezing for single women

BEIJING: Chinese authorities have banned single women from freezing their eggs to preserve fertility, a media report said.

The health ministry said single women cannot use "assisted reproductive technology" to preserve fertility, while couples must present their marriage certificate, identity cards and birth permits and prove that at least one partner is suffering from fertility issues if they want to use the technology, the Global Times reported.

Lin Ge, deputy head of the Reproductive and Genetic Hospital of Citic-Xiangya, said the technology started in the 1990s and has mainly been used together with in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

However, following media reports of celebrities who go abroad to use the technology, a growing number of single women have been using the process in China.

Lin said since egg freezing does not necessarily involve IVF, it is not technically an "assisted reproductive technology".

Li Mei, the head of the advanced laboratory of the Reproductive Hospital affiliated with Shandong University, told the Global Times that the technology still faces challenges despite its high success rate.

Courtesy Source: Times of India
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