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Alexandria Skinner
Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney
Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney

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On January 21, 2017, the world saw a taste of the potential power women wield through nonviolent protest, a power that continues to be exerted as women come to realize the extent to which the agenda in Washington, D.C. does not reflect their interest.     T...

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Why President Elect Trump Does Not Represent Politics as Usual (Part II)
Why are people upset about Trump, you ask? How could one possibly see any resemblance to Nazi Germany (or any Fascist regime)? Image is Hitler at a 1932 political rally, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.  Is this not an over the top expression of paranoia? After ...

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Why President Elect Trump Does Not Represent Politics As Usual (Part I: COMMONALITIES OF FASCIST REGIMES)
No one, ever, wakes up and says, "I think I'll become an alcoholic today."  Alcoholism comes on slowly, taking us unaware, until we find ourselves unable to resist its inexorable grip.  In a similar way, this is how Fascism overtakes societies.  No free soc...

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Insecticidal Soap Recipe
Insects seem to love the plants in my garden as much as I do!  The first assault on my garden this year was the attack of the flea beatles on all of my brassicas (bok choi, broccolini, etc.), as shown in the photo below.  I learned, too late, that the best ...

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Take Up Your Cross, and Follow Me?
Today's musing brings together two different photographs which may shed light on what it means to "Take up your cross and follow me."  This first photo is of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., removing a cross from in front of his home, in the presence of his sma...

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 “ Jesus,
full of the Holy Spirit,   left the
Jordan   and was led by the Spirit   into the wilderness ….” (Luke 4:1) The
forty days of Lent represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, enduring
the temptation of Satan and preparing to begin his minis...

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Let There Be Light
What day is this, December 21, 2014? It's the Sixth Day of Hanukkah It's the 2014 Winter Solstice It's the Fourth Sunday in Advent ........... No matter what our faith, as we light a candle,  let us remember that even on the longest of nights,  the light sh...

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More Bad News About Mountaintop Removal Mining
If it would help save a forest, would you be willing to use fewer light bulbs this evening, in your home?  If it would help keep a stream clear instead of polluted with sludge and silt, would you be willing to hang out a load of clothes to dry today, instea...
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