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The Chromatic Typewriter
A picture from a thousand words

Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan modified a 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter, replacing the letters and keys with color pads and hued labels to create a functional “painting” device called the Chromatic Typewriter. Callahan submitted the beautiful typewriter as part of the 2012 West Prize competition, an annual art prize that’s determined by popular vote. It’s not too late to submit Your own work...

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I personally think it would be awesome to have that same chromatic colour scheme, while having the letters in the same place, and writing a book with it. Therefore, you could see what colour the book would have looked like at certain parts of the story and such. I don't know, just thought that was a neat idea.
I had a typewriter once... I wish it was as cool as this one...
Love it!!✩⃛⁎꒰ꆧꋣꆧ꒱✩*⋆✩⃛⁎

+Cody Fauth They would all look readish orange, as most of the letters we type are on the left side of the keyboard.
There's nothing quite like the sound of a typewriter. :)
I had a typewriter more or less like that in 70's !!!!!!
I've notice these days, a lot of photos of artwork where they show the interesting and unique way of "HOW" it was made. I don't know if that makes sense, just saying.
just think: some day they might actually invent a way to paint by hand with, oh i dunno, a brush or something. very there.
A. M.
cool. I invented an evil space monkey once. It tried to eat me.
Oh wow, that's beautiful!
That couldn't be cooler!!
This must really take skills to form a viable picture.
thats.........interesting...i think >.<
where do u get one?! i love it!
Really interesting to see something like this!
i wonder how that works!!! thats amazing
That's so cool !!! i would totally have fun with that but it will bring me back to childhood !
so nice,so cool,love it
That is too cool! Wish I'd been that smart back in art school!
I have to have one lol
I was thinking you could make it brail so blind people could paint
Sure, its cool and all with the colors, but does it have spell check?
My Underwood has the place of prominence when you come in my place.

EDIT. Cannot post your pic in a reply so Randy Reindeer on my Underwood will be elsewhere.
id like to see that in real life, but the range of colors is small
Functional? It could never be functional! this typewriter picks up it's pigments from the ribbon, not the color of the strike head. it is fairly pretty though... if you don't think too hard.
came to say this^ is it really functional?
always new idea new thinking new innovation
Ezra Pound came in 2nd place in the Newark NJ tricentennial Poetry contest losing to a native of Newark winners by popular under Hitler meant Nazis would win, popular means Big Macs I am glad that insultingly America has nothing better than popular votes by which judge cutesy artsier and french fried, oh I forgot how old was the winner 12?
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I think paint is better than this............
Can we actually say this is the advancement of art? After all it is actually essentially cast iron typewriter which has been declared by the same lunatics that call this "art" to be part of a passe industrial period, in that mode of industrial production, that has since then it was declared by them and their consumerist crap society to be post-modern, post-industrial post-feminist all without producing even the semblance of something etc at best they cannibalize products that you can not dream of designing (in thois case a typewriter) stolen from that period of time before they were born but helped destroy. As if they can take original art only found in ,museums of the same period 1920s 30s 40s and use that to produce something they call their own in what they call "art". How absurd does it get that what they call the art is not in the production or conception but in the con job that is baseless stealing.

If they had designed and made an original typewriter of their own I would give them credit for something as it is it is stolen in that the artists name who produced this work is clearly on the machine as produced by the Underwood Typewriter Company, an old established firm of engineers craftsmen and artists. Give the credit to the real artist them.
yes it is the inclusion of technology in the field of art
Whoa! That is awesome! :)
it is not the "the inclusion of technology in the field of art" it is the parasitical nature of post-modernist consumerism existentialism and solipsistic deceptions.
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