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"All things in their own time". It is a takeoff of a friends phrase "All is in divine order" I live in Portland, . My wife Heidi is in the photo with me.
"All things in their own time". It is a takeoff of a friends phrase "All is in divine order" I live in Portland, . My wife Heidi is in the photo with me.

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The recent horror that happened I is causing the governments to think about banning the confederate flag. But that doesn't, prevent other idiots to make them on the sly, and others to rant and rave over us trying to remove their local pride. Teach youngsters that the confederace lose their war. Yes some of those were heroes. But they lost!
The rest of us knew the result and the damned few are still fighting. After WW2 there were many Japanese soldiers who were not found, but when they were located they had to be

taken back tto a different Japan. To be convinced of that war

I am not black, but I see this event as a true travesty of justice. It seems to be an idiocy that any thinking man can see.  They were police officers and they committed a crime.

This is for all of the folks using G+
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all I hope all of you have a safe and wonderful holiday

Merry Christmas one and all, just don't forget the reason for the season

Merry Christmas one and all and Happy Hanuka to my other brothers and sisters. 
This month has a lot of meaning to all of us in some form or another don't hesitate to tell someone "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hanuka" there is something we are celebrating. We don;t hesitate to say "Happy Halloween" pr something appropriate for that day or time. Some will be offended, but so what

Again Merry Christmas

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Here is a suggestion that seems to work pretty. Write to your Congressman and tell them to do all they can to avoid the United States getting into another way to murder our younger generation. Our country does not need to get into a civil war that has absolutely not effect on our country 

This is not really new. Several weeks ago I asked for the G=ers to pray with me for this cause !
Westboro Baptist Church members are at it again. They will do their protests at the funerals of the  folks in Oklahoma. The last time these people did this I asked all of you to go to google maps and look in Topeka, Kansas for the Westboro Baptist Church, then go to street view for a photo of the building. Then use the method that Joshua used to defeat Jericho. Pray to your higher power that it can destroy the building, so that the congregation will understand that they are harming others when they do their protests. 
Do the same thing for 7 days and on that 7th day shout, scream
that God (Your higher Power) should destroy just the building and thank that Power for answering your prayers.

G+ has modified it's setup and I noticed there were a lot of grumbling about how this or that does/doesn't work now. In 2 weeks nobody will be griping because it took that long to adjust their head to the new format. I have been around computer since the "Blue Screen of Death" and "Syntax error"; it just takes some time to get used to. Hang in there.

To each and every ma ma, mommy, mom, hey you
I want to wish each of you a very nice Mother's Day
Tou darn well deserve it
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