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Mandi Brooks
Wedding Photographer, Surf Photographer and Music Photographer living in Cornwall.
Wedding Photographer, Surf Photographer and Music Photographer living in Cornwall.
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Mandi Brooks was out running. She tracked 6.24 mi in 54m:54s.

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I LOVE Running
It's impossible not to notice that this weekend hosted the 37th London marathon. Even if you are not a runner it was impossible to avoid the event and the stories that came pouring out of the event. For people like me that love running, watching the event t...

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Questioning why? Dealing with grief and the loss of my dad.
I often find myself wondering why? It's now been nearly 7 months since my dad passed away and I keep thinking why? Not why did you have to die? everyone has to die at some point and a lot of people die a lot younger and in tragic accidents or through long a...

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January the month where everyone starts excercising!
You know the score, Christmas happens and everybody indulges. By Christmas day itself most people have had at least 5 full Christmas dinners and are mostly sick of the sight of turkey. We indulge in extra alcohol, late nights and a constant supply of cake a...

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How do you ask how somebody is? When they have just lost someone
It's been far to quite on my blog lately and I want to explain where I've been. Sadly I have had to deal with one of the hardest times of my life and only now do I feel strong enough to write about my experiences. I loved my blog, sharing what i've been doi...

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Bristol Volksfest Show Review
In 2003 I went to my first ever classic Volkswagen car show. With a few friends from school, an old metro, terrible tents and drinking Jack daniels straight from the bottle this was my first introduction to a whole scene of cool cars, cool music and wonderf...

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Man nearly swept into the sea in Newquay storm swell
Today, like many other days when a large swell is forecast I've headed down to the local beach to photograph the crazy power of the ocean.  The difference today is that this huge storm swell has come into Cornwall during the middle of the six weeks summer h...

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Is Surfing like a Drug?
Ten years ago I packed up everything I knew of my Essex girl
lifestyle and moved down to Cornwall to start a new life and start learning to
surf. Ten years later I’m still learning to surf. Some days I
manage to catch a green-ish wave and spring to my feet ...

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Newton Faulkner at Lusty glaze beach gig
I am so pleased that I was at last night’s event as it is one of those
nights that really was a special evening. With a last minute purchase of two
tickets to see Newton Faulkner the night before the gig, I had proceeded to
spend the whole of the next day l...

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Being a little sewing bee, making a summer dress
Every year it happens a television series appears on the box and suddenly that hobby becomes oh so cool and ever so popular. We've seen it with the Great British Bake Off where baking is the latest craze and everyone is talking cupcakes. Although I do still...
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