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Show Night...Tonight!

Hey all -- the show notes for tonight are done, and I think we did a pretty good job for covering Sourcing The Table. We have some definitions (of course), breaking down the mechanism of how it works, ways to use it, and how to handle when things go wrong.

We love when people can make it to the chatroom. So come on out for the live show, because we love seeing you there, and you can talk to the other awesome people in the chatroom or even ask us some questions.

Also if you are not aware, there is a 15-30 min Aftershow where we talk about all sorts of things. If you want to feed us a topic just drop a comment here.


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It's not just me, right? You see it, too? Same orb?

Problem Solvers for Action Movie World

I am starting to come up with a new Action Movie World script that will emulate the A-Team. I am calling it Problem Solvers.

One of the things I am going to add, is a mod for making the game TV friendly. The default for Action Movie World is for movies, where you can shoot people, have blood etc. But to do the A-Team it needs to be 80's TV.

Guns don't put holes in people.
Everyone walks away from crashes.

So... what other 80's Action TV tropes do I need to incorporate into the game. Got any ideas? 

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Here is an article I wrote about the reasons a GM needs to say No.
One of the worst pieces of GMing advice I ever gave myself was to always make sure the players were happy, even over my own happiness; to avoid saying No. This ridiculous piece of advice has lead to more campaign deaths in my career as a GM than I should…

Sourcing The Table
I am working on the show notes for next week, and I am putting together my list of things that you can source the table for, that is things a GM can ask a player to describe/name/etc.

What are some of the things you like to source from the table while you are running a game?

Sci Fi Question

In working on the Hydro Hacker's timeline I need to come up with a year that the game takes place in. I always struggle with what is a good number of years to have passed for it to be realistic, but not so many that it seems unlikely that the world would actually look like anything we would recognize.

In my case, for H2O, the world has broken the water cycle, are able to mine water on Mars and Europa, changed the government into a corporate entity, and made significant advances in regenerative medicine.

So is that 500 years? 100 years? What number of years seems reasonable, when you are reading the setting of a game. Or does it even matter?

Games You Want To Play... Now

I have been reading Tales from the Loop for the past two weeks (taking it slow) and I am in love with this game. I know I have to get this to the table, as a one-shot, before my Blades campaign wraps up (which is nowhere near ready to wrap).

While I have a stack of new games, that I have not played yet, there are a select few that are in the must play pile. So here is my short list...

Tales From the Loop

What is on your short list? 

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We are looking for new patrons for the Character Cache. Monthly, get an NPC write up, Fate, Savage, and 5e stats:

On the topic of cheat sheets....

What are things that you must have in your cheat sheet.

I will name two:

The list of Attributes and Skills - I play a bunch of different games so I am not likely to remember of sneaking around is Sneak vs. Stealth. So I need that list to reference during play.

Core mechanic - If your game has a core task resolution system, then I want that laid out with the ancillary pieces. So the Fate Ladder, the Blades in the Dark Action Roll, etc.

What about you, what do you need on that sheet?

I have come to realize how important cheat sheets are to me for RPG's. I have a habit of making them for every game I run. Currently, I am making all new ones for Blades in the Dark, and I am eying up one for Tales From The Loop.

Is there any interest in making this into a show topic? Talking about how to make them from the low-tech to the high-tech. What goes into them?

The pros and cons vs screens, etc?

Just wondering if that is something of interest.

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