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+Encoded Designs newest product, The Rakshasa's Roost is now available on The DMs Guild! 
A new product from Encoded Designs for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

In the Endless Wastes, within the mountain range known as the Firepeaks, sits a complex atop a pillar of black granite called Bastion’s Bruise. This complex is a monastery dedicated to the Triatenebris. Within the monastery resides an odd assortment of creatures: a neo-Bastion monk answering any one question for those who come seeking answers in the monk’s wisdom; a rakshasa building an empire of political and economic influence; and a clan of doppelgangers seeking to become the most famous and powerful group of shapeshifters in history.

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This wins the internet for today!
I'm normally not real big on mashups, but I thought this was pretty rad.
Art By: J.P. Perez #nintendo #MarioKart

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If you were holding out on getting The Book of the Tarrasque for a print copy, you are in luck!
You can now get The Book of the Tarrasque in print from Drive Thru. Have the physical copy of this gorgeous book John Arcadian lovingly put together, laid out, and have the beautiful cover in your hands.

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In this morning's +Gnome Stew​ article I talk about One on One games and the Legacy Weapon.
I first learned D&D from the boy who’s house I was living in, during a rough period of time my Mother and I were going through. He was older than me, and I was not cool enough to play in his group, so he ran a game for me, alone. For a while, my only […]

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Jason gives a nice summary of The Legacy Weapon. 
The Legacy Weapon is released into the world! I got a chance to playtest this with +Phil Vecchione and +Senda Linaugh at Dreamation 2017, and if you guys had been there, you would know how utterly delightful I think it is. Seriously, I had a huge grin on my face the whole time. I talked about it on the last episode of Discern Realities (Episode 41), but here's the short version: it's a supplement for Dungeon World that facilitates play between the GM and one player, and it does so in a really fun, elegant way.

To unpack it a little, you create a character as normal, but then follow a specific procedure to create the legacy weapon, which the character has just acquired. The legacy weapon has a history of its own, and its previous wielders give it certain powers and characteristics. As you play out the adventure, you don't just learn the character's story, but also the stories of the previous wielders of the weapon. It is very, very cool, and I can't recommend it enough (and it even comes with a sample adventure!)

Here's the Drivethru link. It's a fucking steal at $2.95.

Legacy Weapon

I recently published the Legacy Weapon, as a supplement for 1 on 1 play in Dungeon World.

The Legacy Weapon is its own playbook that is designed to complement a single player (playbook). It provides a way to give that character additional moves that will facilitate 1 on 1 play.

You can hear a bit about it from +Jason Cordova on Discern Realities Episode 41.

You can pick it up on DriveThruRPG here...

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Sitting down to a game of Dungeon World, I don’t know what playbook I am going to pick up, but I do know that inspiration struck me in the Misdirected Mark chat room the night before and there is a flavor I have planned for whatever character I grab.…

First Session Questions

Hello! I just ran my first session of Blades, and while I think I got the hang of it, I do have a few questions. These are likely basic ones, but if someone has the time to clarify things, that would be a big help.

So my understand so far is that every kind of opposition is either a single roll or a clock of sorts.

So tonight, I used a group of Red Sashes as a 6-tick clock, and just had the players make checks against the clock until it was full, then let them narrate what happened to the guards. Did I do that right?

I have two related questions. When I assign Harm or consequences via ticks on a clock for a 4/5 result. How do I know what level or how many ticks to assign? Is it determined by the die roll, the type of action (controlled, risky, desperate), or the player's level of effect?

So if a character makes a Risky/Standard Skirmish roll and get a 4/5 how many ticks can I put on a clock or how much harm could I assign?

Thanks for the help.


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This happened like minutes ago.

Friend computer has asked that you read this post as The Big Book of Conspiracies has released. Now you can get 30 Treasonous Plots for your Paranoia game. Friend computer also says checking out the link is mandatory.
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On the latest Discern Realities, +Jason Cordova​ talks about the upcoming Legacy Weapon, from +Encoded Designs​, which is due out later this month.
Episode 41 of Discern Realities is here! In this one, +David LaFreniere and I discuss painting the scene in Bellet Osc; the Legacy Weapon; different ways of looking at Undertake a Perilous Journey; the shrine of Gornorn, dwarven god of wrongness; and continue our adventures with Ramshackle Crow!

Cc: +Phil Vecchione +Daniel Fowler +Slade Stolar

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