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This is fucking important.
Very important.
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Just going to say... I find it hard to believe that the "heartbleed" vulnerability is really a mistake. Including a message length with a self delimited message never makes sense, and causes problems exactly like this. Either someone sucks hard at format design or this was an intended result.

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Now I know where to find a drummer when I need one.

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In my Minecraft Feed the Beast world, it is presently raining pigs riding on the backs of chickens that explode on impact of the ground. Caught on video.

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Just purchased Starbound. Saw a few people post game play videos of it and I think I might like it. It's kind of like Terraria with more of a sci-fi element.
Right now I'm not able to play Steam games on my linux system, and I don't have a way to make recordings on my Windows system so no game play video from me on this for a while. Sorry.

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What's awesome is making hours of video. What sucks is having to edit hours of video.
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