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Why I'm (still) a Mormon
I don't expect much more to ever be posted on this blog, and I'm largely just posting it this to share it with some particular friends.  I won't be reading or replying to comments.  I'll talk about it via personal conversations but that's about it. Why I'm ...

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Home is where my wife is, where ever that may be.

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It's coming! ^.^

You can always tell what songs were written after 1985 by the excessive use of the word "baby"

Decided to look at a grouping of motivational posters today and realized that my brain shuts off as soon as I see or hear the word "proactive"

Got a wifi adapter and heatsink for my raspberry pi for my birthday.  Also got super monkey ball and zelda--the kids are loving the monkey ball right now. . .

Loving Arizona weather right now.

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Done and done

If an incomplete sentence lands in a forest.
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