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robert moran
A designer who understands systems
A designer who understands systems

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In today's Nooze
Deliverance Space cadet or wish upon a star The art of Doublethink

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Entangled alliances, as brilliantly articulated by George Washington, is detrimental to America as no foreign nation should ever have undue influence in how American conducts foreign policy. Pat Buchanan's take on this is also correct on this crucial issue ...

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Winter Light
A short clip combining a potpourri of CT imagery with a bit of sound loops to liven up the experience. Enjoy

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RIP to a once great nation
Security is one thing, stupid security and stepping on the 4th Amendment is quite another, something an unfortunate NASA engineer had to endure when coming back to the states after participating in a solar race in Chile. Note that Sidd Bikkannavar was born ...

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Saving our Data
BRT posted a blurb titled Endangered Data showing how the Trump Administration is systematically putting the public's information into a memory hole in order to create complete operational opacity of the government, something rather disquieting to say the l...

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Go with the Flow
BRT has long championed sustainables, particularly solar as price points for said tech are dropping like a stone but the problem of storing the energy produced was a hassle, until now.  Researchers have discovered a way to make the promising flow battery mu...

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The Snow Moon
Nature cooperated in doing this clip of the Snow Moon as CT was hit by an intense nor'easter during the day and clear skies by nightfall. Bitter cold but dry and brilliantly clear, this is what winter is all about. Enjoy.

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How Hal got his "voice"
Remind you of anything? :)

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Why Science Matters :)
A renewed era of space exploration is underway. Compared to the Space Race of the 20th century, which was characterized by two superpowers locked in a game of “getting there first”, the new era is defined predominantly by cooperation and open participation....

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Fighting Back
Fighting back to protect our public lands is on with outdoor companies, hunters, tree huggers, like yours truly, and everyone else who love nature, outside of brain dead politicians and greedy corporations who see profit above all else, is on and it's about...
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