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Today’s manufacturing and supply footprint of global companies are experiencing high levels of change. There is every reason to believe that Demanding Customers, Nationalism and Technology Advancement will accelerate the pace of change and keep the value chain of these companies in a constant state of flux. Global companies that fail to transform themselves into a global manufacturing supply network and adopt a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude towards these geostrategic risks are likely to prevent their business performance from being adversely impacted.

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Rolls Royce: More than just tinkering - capture the prize with Cash Sensitive Restructuring (CSR), as many analysts expects cash flow likely to remain negative until at least 2020. Find out more:

Rolls Royce  has decided to park the decision to enter the single-aisle jet market until early 2020s. But this begs several questions. Therefore, in a future article, we will propose how Rolls Royce can create a commercial aerospace business that will deliver sustainable superior profit and cash generation, which will go a long way towards answering these questions. 

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Rolls Royce's tricky manoeuvre - Re-entering the single aisle market is so pivotal to the company future that the Tactical Action Plan to achieve it must satisfy demanding requirements. Find out more
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