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It hurts my eyes to see that Windows and macOS but not Linux users can download the latest NextCloud binaries directly from +Nextcloud GmbH. Only "Source" for Linux? Not good for desktop Linux market share. #AppImage is here to change that!

I have prepared a Pull Request that would build each commit on Travis CI as an AppImage:
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I have been watching the development of AppImage with giddy excitement. From the moment i downloaded my first AppImage (LibreOffice - you never forget your first!) flipped the executable bit and JUST RAN it - I knew I was experiencing something amazing. I am not a developer or a sysadmin - just an average user. But as an average user I can tell you that AppImage is the first option I look for when thinking about a software download - snaps and flatpaks just plain suck.

Personally, I am inspired by your tireless efforts to promote and grow the AppImage ecosystem - despite what appears to be an unexplanable reluctance on the part of many to recognize its obvious benefits. We no-name users need this - and I have to wonder what actually motivates some developers' decision making process. I remember when the POINT of free software was to empower the USER. How easily some have forgotten. Thank you for all that you do, and for not forgetting - or giving up!

On a side note - I find it ironic (though not at all surprising) that NextCloud doesn't offer a linux binary. It's evidently easy to forget that this project is the descendant of OwnCloud - and the KDE roots of that projects' creator. Sad. Indeed.

Thanks +Joseph Jolly and don't forget to comment inside the Pull Request on GitHub. It's important that the users' voice gets heard.
AppImages are coming, hooray! See Travis CI build logs, there is an AppImage download link for each build.
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