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Linus Torvalds on #AppImage:
This is just very cool.

I finally got around to play with the "AppImage" version of +Subsurface, and it really does seem to "just work".

It not only allows for a project to create a complex Linux application (in the case of subsurface, one that uses very recent library versions that many distributions don't even have available yet) that works on multiple distributions, you don't even need to really even install it. Download a file, mark it executable, and run it.

It comes with its own little embedded compressed ISO filesystem that gets mounted and contains all the required libraries.

Sure, it means that the end result is much bigger than a distro-native binary would be, but if you want a way to build applications for your users without limiting them to a particular distribution, or having to build fifteen different images, it really looks like it works very well.
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Tim JP
This with signed packages and a global index kind of like the Arch User Repo, where people can selfhost their appimages and hook into a bigger registry that lets people search, rate and comment on applications and we are in Linux desktop heaven. Now we only need a small appimage manger that points to that registry so that people can be notified of updates or download, search and remove applications. Bintray is cool, but seems more centralized than an AUR approach. 
+Tim JP I'm thinking more along the lines of integrating peer-to-peer like bittorrent... help welcome
handbrake version git support?
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