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We will have several projects on display and will have students working on newer projects with our hydroponic garden.

last subject post until this afternoon... As you all know we are CAPP (comptia partners). many of you have tested A plus and IT fundamentals, we still have the partnership to get above 50% off all proffesional level exams - even if I dont teach it curently. This being said I will fit in time after we discuss as a group to host training and lab space for those dedicated to knocking out a cert before the school starts. Note this is for those who have finished a course and want to certify, not for those who are about to go into something they wil learn all year. A staple would be linux training (Ill let future Cisco and Networking pull there laptops early and we will have small group time for this, possible linux after school academy through

I have several video game systems (last gen mostly plus one ps4) we will be fixing so i can show you how to modify / fix... if anyone has a old ps3 they would like to swap for a new one I just fixed the laset in AND it is not updated (aka you havent turned on in a while or connected it to internet let me know, we might have a class PS3. older systems such as ps2, psone/psx, xbox, are welcome as well - I can show you some tricks thatll have you using that "old" system again! 

We have some modified skateboard trucks coming in to make two skateboards electric and controlled via bluetooth... we will have to mount everything and right the code - I can't even start to do a quick write up for this, research around to get an idea but we will be doing this from scratch (and NOT the prog lang!!!!!)

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have you heard of google cardboard? well we have a plotter, laser engraver, and 3d printer and we are going to make some that you can keep. These are VERY fun to build and understand. We really just need cardboard to make these - I have all the little stuff that make them last (headband, velcro, lenses... no no NFC though, thats too much for too little) 

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a rough draft of dish network we will be building to cover conyers with wifi (small demo version of course). I will share all the details on site but we will be modifying old dishes to propegate our signal based on azimuths (similar to some army stuff I did, where I got the idea  :)   )

Sorry for the late start gang, I just recieved materials and finished putting a majority of tables back in the room (OP Rosendo Lopez for the help), we have some serious space considerations to think about with all the new persons coming in to the IT academy. Im going to put up some dates and times for the next two weeks... we have a couple projects that are class dependent (prog vs. networking). We wil be meeting tomorrow informally to set some things up for I believe wednesday...I will be adding up and coming level 2s in networking and programming either tonight or tomorrow so they can be tracking wednesday. more to follow later today

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Day 1 photos : Thanks Mrs. Oldham!
RCA Google Camp Session 1
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At RCA Cisco labs, new persons attending please create a google plus account and get in touch with me prior so I can catch you up.

Great job today everyone. We will need some of the skills we went over today to do some of the projects we decided to do. In the next session we are going to try and build a unique video game controller with the makey makey. think of ideas and ways we can get this done. Later tonight I will be posting some photos in the album of today's session and tomorrow I'll start to introduce examples of makey makey uses and some links to get you guys a head start on arduino boards.
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