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Opinions are like old sewage pipes: back them up and make the snakes squirm... -Lake Green
Opinions are like old sewage pipes: back them up and make the snakes squirm... -Lake Green
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The Google Posting "What's New With You" almost made me forget what I wanted to briefly comment on as I posted this.

Simply (since I must make it to the grocery store -- post shower -- within the next couple of hours, or I'll be extending my training on sparse-ration-survival for another night).

Although I can't say I've been in the best mood lately, I can relentlessly point the finger at my own nerd-dom and continued desire to make my home something enterprisey while getting to the end of my agenda and suddenly changing my mind.

I'm almost at 15 months here...I know patterns...

Regardless, brief comment:

Why is it that we don't have a clear picture as to why this Father of two responded with murder? Why was he enraged? Why is this motive not addressed anywhere? I read one article that only spoke of his "smirk," then one article that brushed by the fact that the WIFE CHEATED and made no clarity as to why the WIFE WAS AT THE HOSPITAL.

I'll speak for the voiceless...

Given the statistical domination of Negro fathers as caretakers of their children (yeah, we know what the seeming-Popular Vote says...and what reality is -- don't forget, those drug dealers, robbers, and hooligans are fathers too...that money is going somewhere...) -- proven in the rarity of these cases, if anything (with no disrespect to anyone who identifies themselves through their level of melanin and likely familial origins; I'm from the United States of America in this, one must wonder what brought this Man to this rash behavior.

Let me make a presumption or two before I recede to my chambers:

1) The woman was presumed pregnant. This is why she was at the doctors office or hospital. Perhaps something occurred wherein she had to return with proof that she wasn't to "save the family."

2) He may have taken the children because she exposed the children to this other Man in some way.

3) The court proceeding will not be exploited because of the above stated presumptions that have been conveniently not stated in the article...when now would be the time to ask those motive-laden questions. Otherwise, you're depending on quite a bit of spoon-fed emotional reactions in the jurors...hence, the news story...

If you can make it through the comments, surely you'll find a comment that asks about the actual motive. Excuse me, I mean, you'll find one (1) comment that asks this. I shake my head and drive on as the racial divide is crowbar-applied by -- Better than Ezra -- the killer inside...(paid, govt know this time...)

As you move through the madness of this year, keep the tears at bay...because everyone seems to be lying to die -- object to this mess, til the Truth is your Life... Ask questions... If the answer takes too long to begin -- move on, there's plenty Love left to win...

Be well...the only swell time to be "knee-jerk"...

P.S. - Charged with First-Degree? For killing his own children...Wow... Looks like they're depending on a lot of prejudice from their manipulated stories and spoon fed emotional responses...don't ya think?

P.P.S. - Still unsure who's more responsible: The manipulative news or the manipulated views...

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Windows 10 Embracing Silicon Innovation - Windows Experience BlogWindows Experience Blog

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Too matter-of-fact to not be a fact of matter...

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One must concede that the world has changed around them when things like this happen:

1) Christianity is built on something that should happen as opposed to something imperative (see St. John 3:16; see definitions: should vs shall),

2) Forrest Gump speaks in the past tense as opposed to the present (regarding Momma, Chocolates, and Life), and

3) Benz suddenly appears more Chrysler than Mercedes... (see article)


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Remember, I'm not anti-Microsoft, just anti-Totalitarian. Options are normally a good thing (see Gender Debates).

What happens when a Monopoly (sorry, +Microsoft Corporation, for all US-intent-and-purpose, you are...) moves forward with technology? Well, let's just say Gattica comes to mind...

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This brief is regarding the defamed Microsoft Search engine (that I love to trumpet...because the idea of incentivizing my private interests at any given time feels better than the reality that there is no such as private interests on the Information Super-Bypass where you pay to be advertised to, dissected, misinformed, and left to your own attendance upon the entrance of the Blame-Game) and the Microsoft sponsored "Bing It On" search-site where they go head-to-head with Alphabet Corp's Google Search Engine. amazingly horrid, I had to share.

After a short delay upon my query, "Google Nexus Wuality" -- which it found as an "interesting choice" -- I was presented with an evenly split screen with Google's results and Microsoft's results. From there, I was presented the opportunity to vote for the results that most closely aligned with the resolution I would be seeking...if I were looking for that search term.

...yes, the Make-Believe runs deep here...on so many levels. Not the least of which: Make-Believing that anyone will decide to use or not use Bing based off of this haphazard experience, side-by-side with the reigning Search Engine whom, might I add, has presented such a challenge to Microsoft's ideas that they've all but completely wiped them from the mobile space and caused the renaming of the browser that the internet was based around for quite some time.

Lest I give this more time than it deserves...

My second query was "Fairness Trump Polls"... this, unsurprisingly (because we're already under a Totalitarian Occupation), killed the server and ended my voting that actually mattered over the last decade or so. Really, +Microsoft Corporation?? Doing a random search through your matrix of comparison between yourself and +Google's ubiquitous Search Engine (which I tend to not use -- again...because of the Rewards Points that I gather for no other reason than to say I have them) regarding the fairness of the President's Polls (which I had moments earlier been forced to listen to as your video player (you know, on gets so excited about being played, that it turns into the equally disturbing YouTube auto-play function and you end up experiencing things you didn't ask ... like President Trump's Approval Ratings chanted at you because you're being "entertained" by your otherwise lovely project called "Lake's Home Network" -- which you've been working on for the entirety of your initial apartment and internet lease agreements because somewhere along the course of this year you decided that you would date distracting damsels in dire straits of distress, disdain, and defiant disorientation with any tradition you've thought dearly of....-- finally a word soup that I can sip on for a while...

Where was I?

Ah yes...attached you'll find the Microsoft Search that I did after Microsoft's algorithm took a nosedive to perspective... reason... and, well, fairness.

I would be lying if I said this hasn't left a stinch of sorts that needed no other company given the way Microsoft's Windows Phone followers have been left to partly fend for themselves...partly hope Nadella isn't serious about ending much of the sought after, fought for, and manipulated Nokia Phone division...especially after such a short time...especially as Windows Server becomes something 21st Century-esque...

I could have some words for my friends at Intel here, but I won't criticize them until I at least tell my story of their lovely Customer Service and the continued encouragement I feel to buy +Intel products -- like never before... IF it means anything to you, I actually happily participate in their surveys when I'm not forced to use a third-party site to understand why a 56XX processor may actually only have 2-Cores...while a XX40 processor may be more power efficient than a XX39...

Again...those gripes must wait...

Not quite back, office is still under construction (such pleasant words from a kingly-peasant, I'm sure)...but soon, dear sibling, my Lease and Libido will cease their searing sirens of saying, "Someone's Sleeping..."...certainly, soon...



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The idea that any child belongs with anyone but their biological parents is one that hardly ever finds light in my mind. Perhaps I am an extremist of sorts.

In this scenario, my feelings are no different.

The story will be presented as it is in the video, but this is my summation:

1) A grossly irresponsible woman became intentionally pregnant by a statutory rule victim. Of course, this man's "attraction" was his tendency to selfishness at some point, so this irresponsible woman is shown more irresponsible by her choice of mate (no indication of forced sexual intercourse has been reported).

2) Upon receipt of punishment -- inescapable for a male in society (below a certain income bracket) -- this man has realizes a need to reassess his Life path. More than likely, this man's violations of probation were related to this woman, but this is speculation based on experience and observation -- not something that is verified or unverified in the story.

3) In the man's absence, this woman has an interaction or more with her parents or other influential person (another male is equally likely, by the way) whom encourages her to relinquish her parental obligations; women have many protective resources to live life as deadbeat parents with no recourse for the father of the child. In a truly "equal" society, this would not be the case.

4) The adoptive father of the child is a mangina. Something one man should never presume about another is the status of his manhood. Women do this...because they're not men. Although not excused for it, I don't particularly ascribe any credibility to a woman assessing a man's manhood related behavior... As I am Equal Opportunity in my judgements, I must chastise said adoptive parent for this activity as he has no understanding of this man. If anything, the adoptive parent's inability to produce his own children seems more a concern for his being to apply attention. In the end, knowing nothing of this man, the adoptive father only raises ideas of future -- statistically probable -- moments of molestation and/or rape by the adoptive father. Truly, what Man fights to take another Man's child away?


5) How does a court decide to take a free person's rights away that it has not particularly granted? The court should only protect rights... Right?

This is not a slippery slope, this is sudden plummet.

The biological father is not a replaceable person. Children across this country -- including my own -- suffer at the hands of a system that enforces unproven benefits of divided families while unkempt, emotionally disturbed women -- and pussified men -- celebrate before the fires of the house, burned at the behest of media promoted whoredom and irresponsibility.

Ask yourself: Why do I never hear of this sort of mayhem with the Rich and Successful of society?

Long Live Reason. 

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