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Opinions are like old sewage pipes: back them up and make the snakes squirm... -Lake Green
Opinions are like old sewage pipes: back them up and make the snakes squirm... -Lake Green
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With the level of technology and automation that has been at our disposal for over a decade now, there should be no one whom "works" to "survive" -- surely no Woman fighting a Man for a position at any establishment. We weren't just born with different "private parts" because that's "just how it is;" and apparently Women are less happy as a group than they were before the Rothschild-funded and propagandized Woman's Movement.


If anything, our "private parts" indicate our very different roles and objectives. Even a Man whom "switches teams" has to go through an amazing change (my heart goes out to Men whom deal with this procedure -- beyond simply changing clothes, of course) which he has to regularly maintain through man-made means. His "nature" is constantly resisting this change, as you were born perfect...and your body knows this.


To believe that there was a mistake truly should be seen as a "deformity" of thought; for this aversion, community, family, and professional support should be unquestionably provided to help this sibling. The "Political Correctness" of present society purposely distorts assistance for acceptance.

I am as happy to be a Man as I presume those whom are born to be Woman are (minus the media manipulation that constantly makes women feel so insecure that they strive to be Men -- while touting "Womanhood" like some sort of opposition or challenge lies therein between the genders).

I recently said to a Woman of my interest whom is in her late 20s that I can't afford to say things like "I'm happily Single" unless my personal genie specializes in Death as well as Riches and Intelligence...and denial... Because I'm not "Happily Single," I'm just not suicidal-ly Single...yet, at least. Statistics say that I may die from committing Suicide...because of loneliness...

To me, that means that we all belong at least together if not absolutely with someone. In other words, we should surely not be divided along any lines, as all of our lives depend on one another. Sure, Women live longer and are less adversely affected by the dissolution of relationships, but a society of Women is surely a recipe for a fallen society, if only by being conquered through brute force.

A woman has yet to sign up for the Marine Infantry, so don't tell me about the fighting capabilities of Women... I served beside Women in the Signal Corp...your point?

Looking back at a failed marriage (wherein I was left once my money ran out -- incidentally just after returning from've heard this story from someone else, statistically) and a failed engagement (wherein I was left while augmenting my career in another State, awaiting said fiancee to arrive with my children...she didn't, apparently), I can't say that I have the motivation to continue such sacrifices. The aforementioned sacrifices are not valued by any Woman I've encountered in my "Home Country" [of the landmass oppressed occupied governed controlled by mental trickery and technological prowess of a Corporation by the name of United States]...perhaps I need to get out more, but how many times have you suggested the person whom has lost children to kidnapping to "get out more?" Everyone grieves...some write occasional, thoughtful internet perturbations...others become Serial Killers

...pick your f--king poison...

For the sake of Life, it behooves all to have loving, honest, compassionate relationships. When you find yourself not in that circumstance -- especially as a Man -- I assure you that your best inclination is probably your first: leave. A Woman whom hasn't learned to value her worth and assist in guarding her children from statistically proven, inner-city-realized disadvantage (in being without access to their biological Father and Mother -- especially their Father) is probably not worth the undervalued exchange of sexual energy to begin you'll likely be invested, while she is already seeking to bring you to an even earlier grave upon her leaving than you would've had if she hadn't shown up.

I'm not "old" by any regard, but I am quite tired. So I give this message to those young, happening Men whom have not learned the lessons I've had to, and still believe... Don't get me wrong, I still "believe..." just the end of that sentence (where the ellipses is) has shown itself progressively more vulgar than I recall it being twenty years ago...

Love each other,

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Although I am Single (I would say "happily" but anyone "happily Single" is only "happy" because being Single means they don't have to set themselves up for any emotional distress by way of another's deceit...and I have sources of happiness from other things...being Single isn't one of them...I practically hate it, to be honest -- especially at this age), my past involves a marriage and an engagement -- both ending in separation on the heels of deceit/betrayal/lying -- you pick. You would think that I would be more bitter towards women, but I'm not . I think they are as Lucifer in the kingdom of God. I jest -- they would never be in the gorgeous kingdom.

Ok, jokes aside, I believe that Women are the beautiful complement to Men; Men, likewise to Women. Our failure to see this is a primary source of societal woes. Or, better, the continued assertion by the manipulation-system (media) that we are different or "opposite" (I hate that term in this context, by the way) has served us none. We must start asking ourselves very simple, direct questions about the things we expose ourselves to. I stopped being a "receiver node" (what I refer to as a television watcher) in 2000. I'm not as proud of it as thankful; thankful for the intuitive inclination towards relieving myself of that additional pressure of influence in my day-to-day activities.

As a Man, I am going to die before I otherwise would have died if I were with someone (statistically). Sure, that's sad. Just as unfortunate, a Single Woman is more likely to be raped, abused, beaten, robbed, I guess you pick your poison. Women pick the latter poison more often than Men pick the former, it seems. In either outcome, the male suicide rates augment...but let's see this pretty young girl hang herself on Social Media so that we can ignore the fact that her Father was removed from her home by a mother who couldn't tell the difference between Motherhood and Whoredom. to be her... R.I.P. ALL adversely injured and abused children of lying, deceitful female human beings who chose their own, vane selfishness over the needs of the innocent -- including my own children. Although my eldest Son and I have a beautifully "Green" relationship, my other children have no idea how much I love being a Father...what I do for and with my children is something that sometimes I can't explain the energetic source of; surely, I do for them what I just can't seem to find the source of energy to do for myself.

Remember: You don't have to "pass away" to rest in peace...

I will rejoice the day that we can seek legal recourse for these incidents of betrayal in a fair, unbiased court system. China has already implemented a similar feature years ago, but I don't think they go far enough. No one should be murdered over cheating (in most cases), but surely, if there was an actual penalty for being deceitful, we would see videos as the one below become relegated to the past...

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If you ever needed proof that hearing "children" in the course of anything affecting adults is an indicator that the term "children" is, in effect, a term referring to their thoughts about you, this is one. At some point in time, it might behoove you all to at least begin to see each other as non-enemies, worthy of your love and appreciation...

I don't need to know you intimately to say a kind word or to be kind. I must admit that this outlook is getting harder to maintain as it seems the population is descending into selfishness and terminal myopia, but there are glimmers of resilience and growth among the lot, so I continue with sincerity and patience...

Something to notice in this article is that the media is quite fast to grant and perpetuate the idea that someone smart/intelligent/aware enough to run for office and succeed is also dumb enough to not read a contract that they are signing or endorsing.

Are you serious?

"We have to sign it before we can see what's in it" is code for, "F--- you, Slaves! What you want to do?" Unfortunately, many may respond to that with aggression...clearly, this is what is desired by the oppressor. Instead, I suggest that with every stroke of instigation, you love each other more. Oh, the cops are being unthoughtful, be kinder to your neighbor. Oh, the legislature wants to behave as if reading is too much to bear, send your Mother a gift of Love for Memorial's Day. Oh, the Corporation's President behaves irate while being investigated on his own scandal? Visit a local police Station and give out $5.00 gift cards to whichever police officers are nearby.

Last year, I met many women who seemed to enjoy coloring and drawing. Instead of hanging those colored pages up in your room for a few days, hand them out in your community to someone having a not-as-good day. We must stop lifting ourselves from others' misery, misusing our powerful gifts of Love, and thinking that this experience is all about ourselves. This is how these servants have become so masterful.

Our communities weren't built by ACTS and BILLS...they were built by us.

Never forget.

Love each other.

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For those who enjoyed our first production, "Osama Did It, But We Don't Like To File Charges...Just Talk About Them," and it's sultry sequel, "Eric Snowden Is Just Talking, But We'll File Charges..." stay tuned for our next act: "Bin Laden Junior."

All of our normal cast is back -- replete with 80s-esque, grainy video of sub-par self-defense-if-you're-defending-against-a-manakin-with-its-back-to-you and our infamous worship-of-god-on-flags-in-a-language-that-we-know-you-still-don't-know-but-its-scary props.

But, our plot thickens with the addition of a newly-vengeful child who must avenge the as yet unproven death of his father at the hands of a Negro, as-yet-unproven American President.

For you Truth Unseekers we reiterate that which you've taken as Truth and harp on it a bit longer so that we can continue distracting you from the simple reality of our illegitimacy as your government, so that we can continue bogging you down in foreign wars, killing your Men, misleading your women, and bump the cost of things that are realistically infinite on this plane...which we still promote as random and in need of preservation via our NASA channel.



I couldn't get through the whole video -- just like the CBS video on the threats of an "incompetent" leader whose both unable to feed his people yet more than able of creating alerts of doom from a "determined" military with a peculiarly effective Cyber-Team. The CBS video became overbearing when they completely sidestepped the fact that the US Federal Corp's Intelligence Agency was ignored as the source for the attacks on Sony.

Truly, the USFC was responsible for the bulk of<---I laugh to keep from throwing my laptop...

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I dont normally post music (which is in stark contrast to the level which music engulfs my daily existence), but when I do post a note, rest assured: it is noteworthy... 

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It has been four weeks? You would think there's nothing Technological going on with me, when that couldn't be farther from the Truth. The "Truth" is inversely proportional to the aforementioned statement of my reality.

Lately, I've been virtualizing instances of Microsoft Server and Ubuntu Server (moreso, Lubuntu) as I decide on the last parts of this unnecessarily complex home network of mine. There's actually a few things going on with that which I may or may not share. (I still have a long overdue +Intel public-praise moment to deliver... Goodness... )

Needless-to-acknowledge, the trials and tribulations of the inquisitive mind are time-consuming. Hey, at least I'm having fun.

Never forget that about your own tech-lives: have fun. Learn, learn, learn...but always remember to have fun.

Recently, my eldest Son saved me from an unwinding of my entire network with reinstallations of Windows 10. I decided months ago to convert my five installations to 8.1 Pro because of the overwhelmingly obvious effect of Windows 10 Telemetry operations on the performance of my other machines. I made it through three installations before the Woman I was dating at the time pleaded for me not to change the bedroom computer from Windows 10.

I didn't...not because of anything more than the effect that a Woman whom seems remotely interested in technology may have. Although I can't say she was any more non-ethereally beneficial to my existence over our six-month ordeal, I can acknowledge at least that much.

Of course, actions have reactions, and short of the Windows 10 Insider installation that remains on my laptop, I am unsure of any other way in which I would've interacted with Windows 10 until either 8.1 was not supported any longer, or one of my Linux installations (virtualized) would've been enough nudge to become a host. Hyper-V is becoming more second-nature by the day.

Either way, because I happen to still care about Windows 10, I can't not look at the updates that came along with the Creator's Update. What is most exciting in the package is the idea that Windows 10 intelligently reduces its memory footprint when it senses that you are playing a game (with the proper setting, of course). Additionally, the 3-D/Augmented-Reality interface marks Bruce Willis as more future-thinking than originally thought. When we are engaged with Surrogates, we'll know that Bruce Willis was a Legend.

If you are not familiar with the features that came along with it, this post is for you:

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How beautiful the United States must be. This is the land where you don't even need to hurt someone else to be locked up.. Even being convicted of a crime is not necessary..

Keep the State safe...even when the term is illusory . Add in propagandized news stories telling you to thank the State for something that didn't happen, and, well...which land is free?

By the way, +KOAT the initials for "Mother of Satan" is not "TFTP" -- seems closer to the name I would give the thing I wipe a digitized anus with: The Tissue For Toilet--Paper; This Functions as Total Propaganda.


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The Google Posting "What's New With You" almost made me forget what I wanted to briefly comment on as I posted this.

Simply (since I must make it to the grocery store -- post shower -- within the next couple of hours, or I'll be extending my training on sparse-ration-survival for another night).

Although I can't say I've been in the best mood lately, I can relentlessly point the finger at my own nerd-dom and continued desire to make my home something enterprisey while getting to the end of my agenda and suddenly changing my mind.

I'm almost at 15 months here...I know patterns...

Regardless, brief comment:

Why is it that we don't have a clear picture as to why this Father of two responded with murder? Why was he enraged? Why is this motive not addressed anywhere? I read one article that only spoke of his "smirk," then one article that brushed by the fact that the WIFE CHEATED and made no clarity as to why the WIFE WAS AT THE HOSPITAL.

I'll speak for the voiceless...

Given the statistical domination of Negro fathers as caretakers of their children (yeah, we know what the seeming-Popular Vote says...and what reality is -- don't forget, those drug dealers, robbers, and hooligans are fathers too...that money is going somewhere...) -- proven in the rarity of these cases, if anything (with no disrespect to anyone who identifies themselves through their level of melanin and likely familial origins; I'm from the United States of America in this, one must wonder what brought this Man to this rash behavior.

Let me make a presumption or two before I recede to my chambers:

1) The woman was presumed pregnant. This is why she was at the doctors office or hospital. Perhaps something occurred wherein she had to return with proof that she wasn't to "save the family."

2) He may have taken the children because she exposed the children to this other Man in some way.

3) The court proceeding will not be exploited because of the above stated presumptions that have been conveniently not stated in the article...when now would be the time to ask those motive-laden questions. Otherwise, you're depending on quite a bit of spoon-fed emotional reactions in the jurors...hence, the news story...

If you can make it through the comments, surely you'll find a comment that asks about the actual motive. Excuse me, I mean, you'll find one (1) comment that asks this. I shake my head and drive on as the racial divide is crowbar-applied by -- Better than Ezra -- the killer inside...(paid, govt know this time...)

As you move through the madness of this year, keep the tears at bay...because everyone seems to be lying to die -- object to this mess, til the Truth is your Life... Ask questions... If the answer takes too long to begin -- move on, there's plenty Love left to win...

Be well...the only swell time to be "knee-jerk"...

P.S. - Charged with First-Degree? For killing his own children...Wow... Looks like they're depending on a lot of prejudice from their manipulated stories and spoon fed emotional responses...don't ya think?

P.P.S. - Still unsure who's more responsible: The manipulative news or the manipulated views...

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