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Opinions are like old sewage pipes: back them up and make the snakes squirm... -Lake Green
Opinions are like old sewage pipes: back them up and make the snakes squirm... -Lake Green

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What a year this has been...and I'm not even getting into anything outside of my own personal, myopic technological escapades.

I've had several different server setups, domains, ssds (thanks again, +Intel! -- haven't forgotten about a matter of fact, now you're everywhere; what a story to tell, if I ever tell it...geez; I'm starting to forget what happened...sike -- coming, coming), Operating Systems...

I started last year with Windows 10 Pro and AMD. Ending this year with an amalgamation of Windows 8.1, 7, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Lubuntu, and Peppermint OS (which are essentially the same OS, but Peppermint is just so sweet where it differs)...and Intel.

Surely a lot changes in approximately two years. US Corp Presidents, Lovers, Underwear Preferences, Microprocessor Preferences, Living Room Arrangements... You get the picture. Something that doesn't change, PXE...

In a world where Linux is seriously considered and Intel produces drivers in support of said platforms, one would think that it isn't too far fetched to want to have a network where Windows co-exists with *Nix. Say, Linux mobile devices (laptops) with Windows at home. Or, perhaps have real Windows Domain Services control encryption to Linux-based clients.

In my case (at this stage), I want Windows Deployment Services deploying all images across my network since I think I finally have all of my computers set up ideally (hardware-wise).

If you're in a similar boat (or experimenting with this flow-tation), maybe this will help...


Installing Linux via PXE using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) | Thom's HeadSpace on
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Although the thumbnail accompanying the video is a bit much, I am left so few complaints with the duration of this informative perspective that it feels silly to even bring up. +Gret Glyer has done a fantastic job presenting his case and it is in all of our better interests to keep sober eyes on these structures and institutions which were here and which survive based off of force and coercion.

We only allow ourselves to hold on to what these institutions once stood for as influential to our decision, because it allows us to ignore the oppression that we are currently facing. Even more, believing in the "goodness" of an organization that is no longer good (and by "good" I mean "for the pursued happiness and sentient longevity of the individual public"*) is not sensible in any other facet of your existence; it seems that in Life, the only time I've conceded to doing anything insensible was in the course of justifying something selfishly sought or in an attempt to ignore a problem that I didn't want to deal with at the time. Perhaps your mileage varies, but if this is true, then my previous statement about a collective desire to not face our oppressor (and the perceived bullets, bombs, guns, and jails at their disposal) should not be too difficult to grasp.

Regardless, hat's off to this young man and his excellent report. Keep up the great work and know that you're not fighting alone.

It takes bravery to openly defy convention. And although I haven't any stamped out medals to give, at the very least know that my time and effort in acknowledging means more than anything.

-Begin Sidebar-

Why is it that we don't all see our value in our own Lives and the Lives of others? As an Artist, when I am preparing to release anything to the Public, I try to ensure that it's worth the time that someone will take out of their lives to listen to it. That's my "Perfectionist" bar.

I still, admittedly, miss the mark of worth from time to time, but my intent remains unfettered. I'm sharing something that was important to me with you because I think your Life proceeding our interaction will benefit...whether through laughter, contemplation, or enlightenment.

And, no, this isn't about "making them like they used to," this is in the right now; this is a conscious decision. I've lived my Life this way for quite a while, but it remains a decision that I consciously make--every time.

Whether there is a long drawn out conversation with Peter at the end of this or not, I face myself every day. It isn't that "we are our worst critic," it's that we literally, inherently know our own intent better than anyone else...and in that, we know when we intended to harm, help, or heem (shout out to Brother Web for bringing the verb "heem" into my linguistic fray...though years ago, it seems like just yesterday...), and -more importantly, even - we know if we did it selfishly or not...

-End Sidebar -

Unfortunately, this faux-media-society positions the personal decision of sexuality or intercourse to be met with admiration (see Bruce Jenner) while those whom care for the continued freedom of others to choose are met with angst...if met at all (_see Michael Hastings).


*The term "individual public" (self-coined and thus defined...and, well, copyrighted once this is posted) is used to identify the collective consciousness and inherent connection of each individual--non-corporation--human being to all other human beings; the source of "coincidence" "karma" "de-ja-vu" and intuition.
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The wheels of Justice surely turn....for women. First, the idea of "hitting a woman" is left distasteful in the minds of the youth from a very young age. Then, the idea of a Man raising his children (ala Single Fatherhood) is all but removed from the purview of "normal Life" and the Man is immediately reviewed as effeminate or lacking in some way; even the children are seen as disadvantaged...when the statistics are surely in direct opposition to this. Regardless, there's a reason that seeing a "Single Father" was once akin to observing a Unicorn in a movie theater during a Quentin Tarrantino movie release... Now, this...

Personally, I believe this is more of an "Affuenza" case than a "Unequal Protection of the favor of the Woman" case, but the combination of the two isn't absent from contention. In the end, the public promotion of this continued understanding and regard for any action committed by a Woman is setting a very unfortunate precedent for the youth. At this rate, we will have a society that is absent of Men and run rampant with fighting, killing, and unthinking people focused only on themselves with no desire to understand the plight of others.

Can you imagine what it would be like in a world with Fatherless homes, scandalous women, unthinking children, and a workforce dominated by said Women? Everywhere you go, you might see Women in positions once held in balance with Men...or hear of children being ridden with medications to make it through the day; you might see little boys requesting sex changes and "supportive" parents whom stand by, explaining to the world that this is what "freedom" looks like.

I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I don't find it far-fetched to imagine that in this confused world, you might have starving countries accused of computer hacking and building nuclear bombs to attack a United States Corp controlled by secret, quiet groups of individuals represented by...I don't know...Donald Trump?

I'll tell you one thing, if this ever were to happen, I would surely enjoy seeing that gorgeous, intelligent daughter of his. We're practically the same age. She's married, I'm divorced...we would work it out. Might be crazy, but hey, one can dream...

At the very least, one can stab their boyfriend and get a suspended sentence in England. And if you want to stay local to the US Corp, you can drive over a few, kill them, and blame it all on Affluenza.

Being poor has its housing. Just commit a crime!

'Extraordinarily able' Oxford student gets suspended sentence for stabbing ex-boyfriend | Fox News
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It speaks for itself...
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Ok, you're wooing me now...

Device Portal for Desktop - UWP app developer | Microsoft Docs
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A while ago (less than a year, I'm sure), I commented on this article. If there's anything to know, the comment section is the source of inspiration for my comment which follows (in italics).

My comment was not published...did I use too much profanity? Was I somehow grotesque in my exclamations?

Personally, I think this is a case of censorship. However, this "censorship" is not what I expected as I began the correlations between the world we've found ourselves and Aldoux Huxley's "Brave New World." Sure that I'm not alone, the censorship that is being experienced is...well...censorship of self-determination, personal-responsibility, and Reason.

Try it for yourself. Decrease your vitriol, think as if you were conveying an idea to yourself. See how many times you're censored left a "Pending" comment...


CYFD has a horrible track record. Period. How this organization stays in business, I am unsure -- other than their clear milking of the state NASA, really.

It is no surprise to me that children are being abused and nothing happens until they are dead -- and thus within the jurisdiction of the violation Criminal Law. CYFD is a place to make you feel like there is something you can do without enacting clear violence towards someone hurting or abusing a child.

If you want to stop abuse, allow parents and family members the defense of self-defense in the act of protecting a child displaced from them by the "Family Law" court -- whether through killing of the offending parent or another whom is causing harm to a child (any person within the constraints of the age of Minority).


I've seen this sort of story too much to think otherwise; I am both a victim and observant of the ineffectiveness of CYFD. Whether they mean well or not is up to your discernment of the fruit of this tree.

If I am to offer any suggestion, it is that CYFD should be a place for victims and caretakers to meet and discuss where and how they will treat other victims of abuse and neglect, and where space will be reserved for the corpses of those extreme victims to come.
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With the level of technology and automation that has been at our disposal for over a decade now, there should be no one whom "works" to "survive" -- surely no Woman fighting a Man for a position at any establishment. We weren't just born with different "private parts" because that's "just how it is;" and apparently Women are less happy as a group than they were before the Rothschild-funded and propagandized Woman's Movement.


If anything, our "private parts" indicate our very different roles and objectives. Even a Man whom "switches teams" has to go through an amazing change (my heart goes out to Men whom deal with this procedure -- beyond simply changing clothes, of course) which he has to regularly maintain through man-made means. His "nature" is constantly resisting this change, as you were born perfect...and your body knows this.


To believe that there was a mistake truly should be seen as a "deformity" of thought; for this aversion, community, family, and professional support should be unquestionably provided to help this sibling. The "Political Correctness" of present society purposely distorts assistance for acceptance.

I am as happy to be a Man as I presume those whom are born to be Woman are (minus the media manipulation that constantly makes women feel so insecure that they strive to be Men -- while touting "Womanhood" like some sort of opposition or challenge lies therein between the genders).

I recently said to a Woman of my interest whom is in her late 20s that I can't afford to say things like "I'm happily Single" unless my personal genie specializes in Death as well as Riches and Intelligence...and denial... Because I'm not "Happily Single," I'm just not suicidal-ly Single...yet, at least. Statistics say that I may die from committing Suicide...because of loneliness...

To me, that means that we all belong at least together if not absolutely with someone. In other words, we should surely not be divided along any lines, as all of our lives depend on one another. Sure, Women live longer and are less adversely affected by the dissolution of relationships, but a society of Women is surely a recipe for a fallen society, if only by being conquered through brute force.

A woman has yet to sign up for the Marine Infantry, so don't tell me about the fighting capabilities of Women... I served beside Women in the Signal Corp...your point?

Looking back at a failed marriage (wherein I was left once my money ran out -- incidentally just after returning from've heard this story from someone else, statistically) and a failed engagement (wherein I was left while augmenting my career in another State, awaiting said fiancee to arrive with my children...she didn't, apparently), I can't say that I have the motivation to continue such sacrifices. The aforementioned sacrifices are not valued by any Woman I've encountered in my "Home Country" [of the landmass oppressed occupied governed controlled by mental trickery and technological prowess of a Corporation by the name of United States]...perhaps I need to get out more, but how many times have you suggested the person whom has lost children to kidnapping to "get out more?" Everyone grieves...some write occasional, thoughtful internet perturbations...others become Serial Killers

...pick your f--king poison...

For the sake of Life, it behooves all to have loving, honest, compassionate relationships. When you find yourself not in that circumstance -- especially as a Man -- I assure you that your best inclination is probably your first: leave. A Woman whom hasn't learned to value her worth and assist in guarding her children from statistically proven, inner-city-realized disadvantage (in being without access to their biological Father and Mother -- especially their Father) is probably not worth the undervalued exchange of sexual energy to begin you'll likely be invested, while she is already seeking to bring you to an even earlier grave upon her leaving than you would've had if she hadn't shown up.

I'm not "old" by any regard, but I am quite tired. So I give this message to those young, happening Men whom have not learned the lessons I've had to, and still believe... Don't get me wrong, I still "believe..." just the end of that sentence (where the ellipses is) has shown itself progressively more vulgar than I recall it being twenty years ago...

Love each other,
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Although I am Single (I would say "happily" but anyone "happily Single" is only "happy" because being Single means they don't have to set themselves up for any emotional distress by way of another's deceit...and I have sources of happiness from other things...being Single isn't one of them...I practically hate it, to be honest -- especially at this age), my past involves a marriage and an engagement -- both ending in separation on the heels of deceit/betrayal/lying -- you pick. You would think that I would be more bitter towards women, but I'm not . I think they are as Lucifer in the kingdom of God. I jest -- they would never be in the gorgeous kingdom.

Ok, jokes aside, I believe that Women are the beautiful complement to Men; Men, likewise to Women. Our failure to see this is a primary source of societal woes. Or, better, the continued assertion by the manipulation-system (media) that we are different or "opposite" (I hate that term in this context, by the way) has served us none. We must start asking ourselves very simple, direct questions about the things we expose ourselves to. I stopped being a "receiver node" (what I refer to as a television watcher) in 2000. I'm not as proud of it as thankful; thankful for the intuitive inclination towards relieving myself of that additional pressure of influence in my day-to-day activities.

As a Man, I am going to die before I otherwise would have died if I were with someone (statistically). Sure, that's sad. Just as unfortunate, a Single Woman is more likely to be raped, abused, beaten, robbed, I guess you pick your poison. Women pick the latter poison more often than Men pick the former, it seems. In either outcome, the male suicide rates augment...but let's see this pretty young girl hang herself on Social Media so that we can ignore the fact that her Father was removed from her home by a mother who couldn't tell the difference between Motherhood and Whoredom. to be her... R.I.P. ALL adversely injured and abused children of lying, deceitful female human beings who chose their own, vane selfishness over the needs of the innocent -- including my own children. Although my eldest Son and I have a beautifully "Green" relationship, my other children have no idea how much I love being a Father...what I do for and with my children is something that sometimes I can't explain the energetic source of; surely, I do for them what I just can't seem to find the source of energy to do for myself.

Remember: You don't have to "pass away" to rest in peace...

I will rejoice the day that we can seek legal recourse for these incidents of betrayal in a fair, unbiased court system. China has already implemented a similar feature years ago, but I don't think they go far enough. No one should be murdered over cheating (in most cases), but surely, if there was an actual penalty for being deceitful, we would see videos as the one below become relegated to the past...
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