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And you're still watching television, huh?
The military is everywhere in our arts and entertainment looking for a way to promote its public relations agenda.

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Oh, Chloe, Chloe, Chloe CHLOE!!! Mm Mm Mmm...

My search for a Frenchwoman has definitely augmented...
So, you leave your country for France... and get violent when the French are being French... in France??

GTFO, #CollectivistSupremacistKunts!

Hm... funny how Anglo-Murican #SJW are utterly silent on this very much sexist, Stone Age tribal supremacist motherfuckers physically assaulting women for dressing sexy.
A woman in France was attacked and left badly bruised by a gang of Muslim women for sunbathing while wearing ...
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Islam is at war with the rest of the world. 

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It almost feels like Sony is in self-destruct mode #50Cent  

First and foremost, Sony had the lead after the MS DRM debacle at the outset of the console expectations.

But things changed.

Microsoft listened, Sony began charging for multiplayer (losing a lot of ground from that decision, in my mind), and then Microsoft introduced backwards compatibility? For free? While Sony decided to go the other route and make their old games compatible with everything else but the PS4?


Sony, WTH are you doing?
Sony explains why PS4 won't support backward compatibility.
Microsoft gets one over Sony, courtesy backward compatibility support. Will the sales figures show the same?
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Faux-Feminists... Wake your asses up, already.

I made a post explaining how you were getting played last week... about letting an ex-feminist tell you...

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I am not posting this for controversy, but for perspective.

The mass movement of men away from women is because we live in a society that is upside down.

For example, this idea that women don't need men or that men should bow down to women is clearly a conspiracy to further destroy society. Women NEED men in the same way that men need women to satisfy their natural needs of posterity.

Why are women treated as sex symbols more often? Well, their greatest job in the world Why this is somehow frowned upon is a matter of purposeful idiocy by a media that is the control arm of the powers that be.

When have you seen a politician's (or greater) woman/wife turn their back on their man? Has it happened? If it has happened, there are very few and much far between, as these women understand that their job is to be the bearer of their man's children and the support-system of their families as the Man guides and leads them through Life.

...and now Science (that thing that you're using right now to read this post) backs up the "Why."

The "classes below" the "elite" are run rampant with divorce and promiscuity by design, and all of you women who support this behavior are being duped into submission of your Life and your family into slavery and insecurity.

There is a reason that women are punished less by a "Judicial System" that hangs men in droves. There is a reason that when families divide, children are left with the [less intellignent] woman to be raised, while the man is sidetracked with jail and further prosecution with no guarantee of raising their children. There is a reason that women are treated as if they can do no wrong, while men are cast aside.

On a whole other level, think about the promotion of "idiot men" as somehow attractive partners (through music and movies) while intelligent and thoughtful men are cast aside as "weak" or overall undesirable.

You are in a war...and you're losing by the day...

Talk about "wake up..."
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+Herbert Sanders My sentiment exactly.
And yet another strike against Windows 10... Goodness.

I don't think I'll be allowing either my main laptop or my main workhorse to upgrade. I already knew I wouldn't upgrade my main, but damn...I'm not putting my old Compaq laptop through this.
Windows 10 has just arrived and there's a new Privacy Policy and Service Agreement from Microsoft coming swiftly in its wake. The new policies take effect on 1 August and there are ...
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Yeah I was blown away by the fact that I had zero driver issues. Still boggles my mind. 
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So, it seems, Satya Nadella was just buttering me up for the feast...

Yet another late strike against Windows 10.

First: Automatic Updates which are not escapable...

Next: Solitaire...yeah...gotta read it to believe it.

I will NOT pay to play Solitaire...even if that includes watching ads. What's wrong with you guys?
It's tucked in an old stand-by that'll cost you now
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Support the troops, Dammit!

Politicians are introducing bills to disarm the very people that fought and risked their lives for our freedom and Bill of Rights. Over 127,000 Veterans have been placed on the Federal gun registry criminal check system because they have Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). They are now unable to own …

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A long, but enlightening video...

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This is a good film
Francis Richard Conolly's well-reasoned documentary chronicles the rise of the moneyed elite and the means employed to control history and undermine democratic institutions since WWI. It is a long film - three and half hours - and worth every minute.
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Given the Samsung Magician/Firmware updates were so important, I figured I would make a small post with the pictures denoting the change in WEI so as not to consider some sort of placebo effect as the cause of my renewed enjoyment of my SSD (Samsung 840 EVO).

I decided to run WEI, but before doing as such I took a screenshot of the scores prior to applying the firmware update so that I could see if there were really any differences.

Given that 7.9 is the highest score one can achieve with any component on Windows 7, differences of 1/10th (i.e. "0.1") are considerable.

If you're still on the fence, or of the camp that, "Nothing is wrong so I'm not going to update," (which is a safe, though not totally applicable, approach), perhaps these pics will encourage you to reconsider.

You'll notice the first test was taken on the 13th of July as I noticed my machine's performance was not what I felt it should be. 7.3 is not a horrible reading, by the way...but it is when your performance should be 7.7 (which is what I recall from much earlier tests when I first purchased and set up the drive).

Truly, it speaks for itself.

Note: If you're of the ilk that believe Microsoft is good for nothing and thus their Windows Experience Index is meaningless, I don't know what to tell you; we know that WEI is not a full scale computer benchmark, but it isn't pointless. If anything, it let's you know how your Windows experience matches up to the requirements of their software. I don't personally find that pointless, but you know...

Samsung receives a few kudos points for their continual support.

Here are my before and after pictures:
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+Andrew Reiwitch My first indication of a change was when my boot felt extremely faster. Of course, as we're playing with SSDs, the boot is already quite speedy, but to restart my machine and have it back at the login screen before returning from the kitchen with a drink is what encouraged me to run the WEI test today.

Samsung has an amazing product in this TLC SSD creation, and, although I have my gripes with other facets of Samsung's business, credit must be given where it's due.

Surely, this SSD is well beyond 7.9.
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