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These are disgustingly sinful and delicious. You will eat more than just one, or two, or three......... Hell, eat the whole batch. They're worth it!! #recipe   #recipeoftheday   #recipeideas   #recipesharing   #foodblogger   #masterchef   #rotundchef  

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Junk in the Trunk Cookies
said it before.  I hate to bake.  I just happen to be good at it.  I’m also not much of a sweet tooth person
either, so I really have to be in the mood to bake, or have a general
purpose.  My
son was having a friend sleepover and I wanted to bake somet...

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Asian Style Pork Burgers w/ Slaw
really like to experiment with different flavors and put a spin on traditional
fare.  In this case, burgers.  I gotta be honest when I say, I’m a burger
freak.  Like, it’s my go to.  I LOVE a good burger.  I’m really lucky to have a few local burger joint...

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This wing recipe is off the charts. It's a different take on traditional buffalo wings that will make you hold this recipe to a new wing standard. Check it out! #recipe   #recipeoftheday   #recipeideas   #recipesharing   #rotundchef   #masterchef  

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Old Bay Wings with Garlic Lime Aioli
I used to have this thing when I was younger when I refused to eat any kind of
meat on a bone.  So I, shockingly, didn’t
know the wonders of buffalo wings until I was well into my twenties.  (I know, sad.)  Even though they are not my go-to menu item,

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This is not your mom's Monday night meatloaf. #recipe   #recipeoftheday   #recipeideas   #recipesharing   #rotundchef   #masterchef  

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Best Damn Meatloaf
is probably one of my favorite comfort foods of all time.  I’m obsessed with meatloaf.  In fact, meatloaf got me to Los Angeles to
compete on MasterChef.  I made a
Florentine stuffed meatloaf with a fontina cream sauce.  It was absolutely to die fo...

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Skip the tilapia and replace it with cod. This cod to be exact. #recipe   #recipeoftheday   #recipeideas   #recipesharing   #masterchef   #rotundchef  

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Lemon Basil Cod
For all of us Catholics, Lent will be here before you know it (March 1, 2017 to be exact), and it's time to get on the fish wagon. I am so against tilapia.  It's so overused, so overproduced and just grosses me out.  I know it's a go to for a lot of people ...

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This fiber rich soup is packed full of flavor. Guaranteed to fill you up without killing your waistline. #recipe   #recipeoftheday   #recipeideas   #recipesharing   #masterchef   #rotundchef  
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