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To be honest today was not very fun. I really don't like to read and there was a lot of reading to do. The article was somewhat interesting thoe but still kind of boring. I can relate to many things this article was talking about. Like the fact that some middle schools don't help kids get into high schools that will help them prepare for college.

Today was pretty interesting discussing pros and cons towards our interviews. I liked how we went around and asked the warm and cool comments towards the interviews. By warm and cool meaning what was good and what is needed be worked on. I look forward on getting better on interviewing people.

Today was very interesting interviewing people. Coming up with follow up questions is still kind of hard. Being a director is fun because they get to choose basically how everything's gonna look. I had fun today.

Today was interesting enjoyed it a lot. Learning how to put my audio file up was interesting.

Being interviewed made me laugh a lot to be honest i couldn't keep a serious face but then i was getting used to it and just went with the flow. Interviewing someone was kind of hard because i needed to think of the questions i was going to ask.

Today's lesson was interesting because we were responding back to something most of us can relate to. I enjoyed the lesson.

I don't like the website name to be honest it sounds kind of gay i don't know its just something about it. The project i like it because its basically showing who we are and todays questions were interesting.

This was kind of interesting and kind of difficult at the same time.

I really enjoyed learning about these cameras today. I also liked the quality in which the pictures came out. I would like to continue learning more

Today the work was easy.
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