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Geocachers Unlimited
For geocachers who don't limit themselves to one listing site.
For geocachers who don't limit themselves to one listing site.

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LETTERBOXING.  Have you ever found a "pure" letterbox (not a LB-hybrid cache)? On purpose? Accidentally, while hunting for a cache?  

You'll recognize them as a letterbox since they will have a stamp that letterboxers use to record their finds.  Normally, they will also have a logbook that finders "sign" with their personal stamp.  These stamps are not swag and are often meticulously hand carved.  Apparently, the letterboxing community has some level of trouble with geocachers finding their boxes, thinking it is either the cache they were looking for or some other unknown cache, and signing the log and trading swag for the cool stamps.  I figure that the main issues is education and the majority of geocachers not being familiar with letter boxing.

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Going Caching in Rome, GA this weekend?  Be sure to attend obxgeek's Forging Community event.  This is an +OpenCaching North America  &  +Munzee event.

When: Friday, October 16 5pm - 6pm
Where: Near the Space Coast Geocaching Store booth.

What: Get together and take photos with various caching group banners.  Come sign the log, get some pictures, capture some munzees, and show that all games can #CoExist.

Also what: Collecting food and monetary donations for Action Ministries, the Food Bank that services the Rome, GA area.  For every 5 food items or $5 you donate you will receive one of the Forging Community Pathtags.

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Be sure to join us tonight!
We're talking about #geocaching by yourself in just over 6 hours. Tonight's panel includes DudleyGrunt, NativTxn, The Bad Cop, and DarrylW4. Please join us live to participate in the Live Q&A and help shape the show.

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Interesting event to be held in Laurel, MD on November 14.  

APLCachers cordially invites you to attend Geocaching Symposium 2015, hosted at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, the birthplace of satellite navigation.  Our goal is to advance the knowledge of all geocachers, in the interest of continuing to raise the bar and create a superior geocaching experience for all geocachers in our region.

Wondering if anyone has a solution I have missed.  

How can you get a GPX file of all your Groundspeak hides (including archived ones), without having to individually download one for each cache. I suppose you could build a Bookmark List of all your hides, but shouldn't there be a better way?  +OpenCaching North America offers that capability.  Am I missing something with Groundspeak?  I would like to see them add a My Hides PQ like the special My Finds PQ.

Even if you don't know how, is this something you've ever wanted.  I'm looking to load it into GSAK to run stats on and search.

I (DudleyGrunt) am starting a new series of events in Savage, MD on September 27 - Going on a Cache Hunt. These events will be set up specifically to guide folks on huts for, primarily, OpenCaching North America and TerraCaching hides. I'm hoping this will be a good way to introduce folks to the alternative caching sites or to help those along who are aware, but haven't quite known how to get started. The initial event will be listed on both OCNA and TC. I'll be hosting a GC meet and greet afterward, which might prove a good opportunity for anyone who attended the first event to talk about their experience. Both events are currently pending, but I'll share the links as soon as they are published. These events will be "sponsored" by Geocachers Unlimited.  Thoughts?

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Garmin has killed their geocaching site.  The URL,, now just redirects to a generic page about geocaching GPS units.

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Whether you are an active member or have never used the site. Come celebrate +OpenCaching North America's 5th anniversary and win prizes.

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Caching in the NW #101 - OpenCaching North America
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