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Opinion: Time to Reform the Global Casino

"The #SDGs close the obsolete textbooks on money-based, GDP-measured #economic #growth . Today, the social and environmental costs of this earlier #GDP model are evident to all in pollution, ecological and social disruption, widespread effects of #climatechange , #globalwarming and rising sea levels – all measured daily by 120 Earth-observing satellites.

All this physical evidence of humans stressing ecological limits and planetary boundaries also led to the focus on finance as driver of these failed models of GDP-growth and short-term profits. The “free market” models of Britain’s prime minister Margaret Thatcher and US president Ronald Reagan in the 1980s drove “financialisation” and globalization which privatized and deregulated economic activities – divorcing them from their social context and consequences.

Finance became a global casino, the servant of fossilized industrialization and its overemphasis on investing in coal, oil and gas.

The battle lines are drawn. Ending tax breaks and subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear power will accelerate the new cost advantages of the more efficient #renewable sectors worldwide." #GlobalGoals  

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Social Responsibility That Rubs Right Off

“Social and environmental responsibility should not be a competitive sport,” said Daniel Korschun, a professor of marketing at Drexel University who has studied #greenwashing . “Not every company can have the smallest carbon footprint or donate the most to charity.”

Don’t tell companies that. These days, greenwashing is spreading like a weed.

TerraChoice, a consulting firm that studied the phenomenon, found that 95 percent of the products marketed as eco-friendly had committed at least one of what it called the “seven sins” of greenwashing. Those sins include relatively benign offenses like using weak data to more deliberate deceptions like inventing bogus certifications.

This leaves consumers in a bind. While plenty of companies are bringing more sustainable products to market, others appear less interested in environmental stewardship and more interested in bamboozling their customers."

#sustainability #GreenWashing #Environment #CSR #Marketing #Business

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Five Things Sustainability Communicators Need to Give Up Now

"Comedian George Carlin made this point several decades ago -- it is not about "saving the planet" and the Earth is not some fragile thing that needs us to nuture it. So it is time to give up the trite photographs of hands gently cradling seedlings (or the Earth) -- and the rhetoric about "saving the planet." Nature is a powerful and resilient force we must respect and appreciate. It is resilient in that we can -- and sadly do -- pump tons of pollution into the atmosphere. We deluge our rivers and streams with pollution. Our oceans are virtually awash of plastic and waste. And yet, through it all, nature endures. It adapts. It overcomes. And ultimately we -- as individuals and as the human race -- can expect to be treated with the same level of special consideration as the Stegosaurus, the Dodo bird, the Passenger Pigeon, the gazelle being chased by the cheetah or the seal being snatched by the Orca -- that is to say ... none. It is only through our power of reason that we have the capacity to understand our role in creating (and changing) our own fate, just as we have extended the natural lifespan of our species (through hygiene, medicine, better diets, shelter, etc.) It is time we gave up the conceit that we need to save the planet and recognize that it will be fine with our without us. It is up to us to make sure we do not continue to blindly engage in actions that threaten our heath, well-being and safety."

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Helping solve Africa’s poverty puzzle cc +Marilyn Mehlmann +MWANJE RICHARD #Africa   #poverty #infrastructure  

I look forward to the Hangout today at 11am ET. I'll be at a breakfast meeting until 10:45am. I just sent an email with questions--Sorry I missed that earlier request.

Hi Peter,

Sorry that I failed to send questions—Hope this is not too late.

1-As someone who has worked globally with leading social enterprises and social innovation leaders, what are the two or three greatest disconnects or anomalies preventing these solutions from spreading?

2-Where does our inability to see the actual challenges we face in innovation and social enterprise prevent us from moving forward to solve the worlds problems?

3-What message would you give to the young and old each of whom have time to do things differently to help us make progress?

If you have other questions you prefer I’m fine responding to those.

Hope this helps.
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