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Good lighting makes all the difference.
The big difference between good looking photos and video and bad ones comes down to how well things are lit. Whether you’re an amateur photographer building a home studio or a budding YouTube star, here are some simple tricks for casting the right light without spending a fortune on professional equipment.
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+Robert Harvey Short and sweet. (:
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""We gave them two blankets and a small hanker chief out of the small pox hospital. I hope it shall have the desired effect."

William Trent, 1763."

I was just sent this in an email from someone who is at a Native American History Museum.

My jaw is on the floor and I am, quite literally, brought to tears of sorrow and horror.

I clearly need to brush up on my history, because I honestly thought the Europeans giving the Native Americans smallpox was an accident. I thought they just happened to bring smallpox with them...

This is sick. 
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I have known this to be true, and I basically accept it, I don't even see it as a "bad" thing. I guess I just mostly wish that people would all realize that being kind to each other and working together benefits all of us, collectively, and individually. 
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AZ is more like MI in many respects because of the high number of auto-industry transplants. 
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I don't know why I forget this exists sometimes.
It may not work for everyone, but every time I have listened to this to try to get to sleep it has worked.
(I've never actually consciously heard it all the way to the end, actually. Lol)
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Holy cow that looks like a crazy amount of fun. 
Stay updated with more tutorials and recipes from Homemade Toast on Facebook and Pinterest! By now, I am sure you have seen these water blobs circulating on Pinterest and all over your favorite blogs. And – for good reason! Water blobs will keep the kids entertained for hours. The only problems that seem pretty universal... Read More »
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We have been doing the coolest "Naked Egg" demonstration, and I have gotten exactly 0 pictures of it. ugh.
This, of course, means we have to do it again sometime soon. lol

Anyway, here's what we did:

2+ glass jars
white vinegar
2+ eggs
food dye
corn syrup

Day 1: Put 1 egg in each glass jar, add enough white vinegar to cover the egg (it will probably float a bit) (leave for about 24 hours)
Topics to discuss: chemical reaction between vinegar and the eggshell.

Day 2: Carefully pour out the vinegar, catching the newly "naked" egg, rub off a bit of the egg shell goo, hold and gently squeeze and poke the egg. Notice the egg is bigger. Hold the egg up to a light so you can see the yolk. Rinse the rest of the eggshell goo off. Fill the jar with water brightly colored with food dye, and carefully place the egg back in the jar (leave for about 24 hours)
Topics to discuss: Chemical reaction, osmosis, egg anatomy

Day 3: carefully pour out the dyed water, catching the newly colored egg. Hold the egg up to a light and notice you cant see the yolk. Admire the lovely color. Gently put the egg back in the jar, pour enough corn syrup in the jar to cover the egg (the egg will probably float). (leave for about 24 hours)
Topics to discuss: Osmosis, possibly color mixing depending on how creatively you dumped the dyed water

Day 4: Look at your weird wrinkly egg! Check out the neat colored water floating on top of the corn syrup! Carefully remove your egg from the mixture. Gently touch and poke the egg, can you find the yolk? Clean out the jars, fill the jars with water, carefully put the egg back in. (leave for about 24 hours)
Topics to discuss: Osmosis, Viscosity, Density, Buoyancy

Day 5: check out your awesome re-inflated eggs, do they float again!? Carefully pour out the water and gently catch your eggs. Take your eggs somewhere where you don't mind a bit of a mess for the...BOUNCE TEST! Start at one inch higher than your bounce surface, and bounce your eggs higher each time until they splat !
Topics to discuss: Egg anatomy, how the food dye doesn't get all the way through the membranes and yolk. 
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IMO, the registry has it's place. But absolutely not for situations like this.
Some kind of reform has got to happen.
The registry protects no potential victims if we can't trust it because so many people on it are not predators at all, and it victimizes people who are not and were not predators in the first place.

He's 19, he met a girl on a hookup/dating app who said she was 17. They had consensual sex, once. She was actually 14. He's been in jail and will likely spend the rest of his life on the sex offender registry.

"...a sanction that requires him to be in regular contact with the authorities, to allow searches of his home every 90 days and to live far from schools, parks and other public places. His probation will also require him to stay off the Internet, though he needs it to study computer science."

As you can imagine it will also prevent him from getting jobs where he is in contact with kids, it will prevent many other jobs as it shows up in background checks, he likely won't be able to adopt a child if he wants to some day, it will likely end budding romantic relationships he might have, if happens to have children of his own one day, he won't be able to attend their school functions or even drop them off or pick them up from at school, take them to the park, Chuck E Cheese's, etc etc etc.
"Fix the Sex Offender Registry: This 19-Year-Old Is Not a Threat to Children."@Reason
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=( /wrists
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Yes. Yes. And more yes.
Alice in Quantumland: A Charming Illustrated Allegory of Quantum Mechanics by a CERN Physicist | Brain Pickings

' ... Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics is absolutely fantastic in its entirety, certain to engage the simultaneous states of entertainment and education with unequaled grace. Complement it with scientists’ answers to little kids’ questions about how the world works, then bend your mind by considering what it’s like to live in a universe of ten dimensions. ... '
Down the rabbit hole of antimatter, or how to believe six impossible things about gender stereotypes before breakfast. As a lover of scie
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My family is a bunch of Geeks. Lol
My kids are in the kiddy pool with bath toys, they decide to role play Pokemon.
Daddy grabs his Pokedex to help them tell them their attacks and damages. Lol

Best 4th of July EVAR. 
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Celebrate the things that make America great -- including cars, young love, and rock & roll -- with these classic Heartland rockers.
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BOULDER, CO—Expressing frustration over the dearth of options that met her high standards, local mother Shannon Gail confirmed Monday that she was still looking for a preschool that would focus exclusively on her son. “I’ve been searching for months, but it’s been so difficult to find a program that devotes all its resources to my child, and only my child,” said Gail, who added that a shocking number of preschools in the area employed teachers who divide their attention between more than one student instead of dedicating all their time to the education, care, and positive mental stimulation of her son. “I think it’s my responsibility as a parent to choose a school with an educational philosophy that is personalized to the specific needs and interests of my child alone. I just don’t feel comfortable leaving my Skyler in a place where he is not the center of attention at every moment of every day.” Gail, who reiterated the importance of choosing a preschool that concentrated solely on her child, said the next few years would be incredibly formative in determining the kind of person he would grow up to be.

via +Jason Huebel​
BOULDER, CO—Expressing frustration over the dearth of options that met her high standards, local mother Shannon Gail confirmed Monday that she was still looking for a preschool that would focus exclusively on her son.
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I am a woman, wife, mother, (secular) homeschooler, and my family is the most important thing to me. 

My parenting technique is mostly "free range", and my homeschooling technique is mostly "child led" (though not quite unschooling).
I respect children as people and individuals, and believe that most children are far more intelligent, capable, and wise than we (people, collectively) typically give them credit for.  

I like hiking, camping, leisurely cycling, walking, and generally being outside.

I enjoy photography, Pentax cameras, knitting, crocheting, and making beaded jewelry.

I like helping people in need, and feel a sense of personal responsibility to try to  help people directly.  

I'm interested in nutrition, sustainable living, and learning and teaching my children as much as I can about as many subjects as possible. (and finding the right rescources to help us learn the things I cannot teach)

While I understand the natural desire to label things and people, and to associate with people of like mind, I also believe that if we stop making such an effort to segregate ourselves into groups by race, religion, politics, nationality, gender, ability, etc; we may realize that we are all HUMAN and learn to respect and accept each other as such. 
If we stop fighting for special or better treatment for whatever groups we have chosen to align ourselves with, and instead we all unite to fight for EQUAL treatment and freedom for ALL people, we can make a better world than we or anyone before us has ever experienced. 

I used to think that democracy was pretty great, but as I get older and pay more attention to politics, I think more and more that democracy is the #1 way to ensure that the majority always rules the minority. The only solution I can think of for this problem is to limit government enough so that ALL people have the freedom to live the way they choose (with the caveat that some sort of reprecussions should happen for any person that harms another).
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I'm pretty sure I'm a genuinely good person. That seems like something to brag about considering a lot of people I come in contact with.
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We are from out of town, but stopped in the replace my husband's mod and my tank. I'm really impressed. VaporGeeks has a larger variety of mods and tanks than I have seen in any vape shop in the Phoenix area, and much better prices on them, as well. The 3 juices we got (cinn sugar cookie, vanilla cupcake, and sub ohm French vanilla) are all good, and reasonably priced. The staff was very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions.
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Dr Tipton is great. Everyone on his team is professional and friendly, and does great work.
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I had seen another dentist before who, after glancing at my xrays, told me I had one and only one option for getting my tooth replaced, and the option he gave me seemed really extreme. I went to a different dentist after that who referred me to Dr Cravatta. Dr Cravatta's staff was friendly, though not very chatty (which is ok), Dr Cravatta himself was REALLY helpful. Not only did he look at my xrays, but he also did some 3D imaging to see exactly how much space there would be to put an implant in for me. He then went through SEVERAL options for me to choose from, explained each one at length, explained the pros and cons between them, and listened to my opinions about which ones were best suited for me personally, and gave me his recommendation. When I made my decision he referred me to an excellent orthodontist (Dr Tipton) for the next step in the process. Dr Cravatta was professional, friendly, and obviously concerned about my comfort level and desires, as well as what options would be the most permanant, and most cost effective.
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Dr Noble and his entire team are really wonderful. Friendly, caring, professional. They are great for adults and children. They see my whole family, and I would recommend them to anyone.
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Lee and his team are the best. Their prices are good, their work is top notch. They will explain your vehicle's issues to you however they need to to match your level of understanding. They care about the safety of you and your family, and will make sure your car is in a safe condition to drive first and foremost. They will give you a realistic estimate of how long you can wait to get certain work done, as well as making sure you understand which work is #1 priority and what minor issues can wait if you need them to. Everyone who works at accurate automotive is friendly and will treat you like a close friend or family. As a woman who was once told by a mechanic at a different shop: "tell your husband you need a WING NUT for this thing right here...", I can not stress enough how much I appreciate the fact that everyone at Accurate Automotive will NEVER speak to their customers in such a condescending way. They trust if you say you do understand some things about your car, and are never condescending even if you need "simple" things explained in more detail. I recommend Accurate Automotive to all of my friends and family, and will never go to another shop again.
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