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"If the problem can be fixed, there's no need worrying about it. If it cannot be fixed, there's no use worrying about it." -Shantideva
"If the problem can be fixed, there's no need worrying about it. If it cannot be fixed, there's no use worrying about it." -Shantideva

Atari has just informed me that the laws of physics are "glitchy" today, so everyone be careful out there.

On his Bday Atari ordered pasta for lunch, when they asked what he wanted as a side he said "Macaroni and cheese".

Yo dawg, I heard you like pasta....

However, they didn't have Mac & cheese as a side so he settled for apple slices.

My eldest becomes a full fledged adult in a month...

I gotta admit it's freaking me out a little. How did she get so old? How did I get so old?
I was only 3.5 years older than her when I had her....

And it's like a domino effect after that, the maximum age difference Kevin and I have between any 2 of our kids is 4 years, so each one of them grows up one right after the other.

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Basically the best birthday ever.
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Day 1 of bday celebrations...tons of fun was had and the kiddo was worn the F out by the end...
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Gotta love a perfectly timed photo. LOL
The little girl was fine, but glared at him pretty hard for running into her.
He also walked into a brick wall today - he's been over excited/stimulated.

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Red helmet is my kiddo.
The funniest part about this is that moments before one of the kid-instructors (teenager) tried to get him to do a couple of moves on him, and Atari refused because the instructor didn't have gear on. lol
At home we've stressed no hitting/sparring without gear and unless the other person is ready and willing which might be why. lol Unless he's in a situation where he is actually fighting to protect himself from someone who has attacked him.

These things are awesome.

Nordic Ware 365 Indoor/Outdoor Kettle Smoker

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The boy is doing MMA thanks to Groupon.
He's loving it.
At one point the instructor shouted "MAKE IT LOOK REAL!" when they were working on Krav Maga moves - moments later he was at Atari's side going "Atari, are you ok?"
Oh yes, he was ok, he was just making it look real...very real.
Little did they realize that dramatically falling down/throwing himself to the floor is Atari's specialty.
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