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If you have little ones, Khan Academy just sent me this: Duck Duck Moose apps are free

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The hospital that treated most victims will seek payment from insurance plans and state funds, but it expects to give up more than $5 million in costs.
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While transplant patients in U.S. die waiting for a kidney that may never come, Iran’s unique system allowing willing donors to get paid for one of theirs has effectively eliminated that country's waiting list.
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The whirling hum of a dialysis machine could have been the soundtrack to the rest of Zahra Hajikarimi's life but for an unusual program in Iran that allows people to buy a kidney from a living donor.…
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My mother who suffers from PTSD, is home alone, in Indiana, where there have been tornadoes and tornado sirens, etc the last few hours.
She has never lived in places that have tornados before, she is scared.
She has no basement, and called me, terrified, while hiding under her stairwell.
She has no family there.
She begged me to please call someone to take her somewhere else, she was having a major panic attack.
She has pills to take "as needed" for panic attacks, but they were in the bathroom and she was too scared to leave the stairwell.

So I called "non-emergency dispatch" and requested they send EMTs (who my mother could request take her to the hospital).
They told me they would send police officers for a welfare check. I said EMTs, they said officers. I said "fine"
Dispatch asked if she had taken her meds today, I said she isn't on daily meds, she has as needed meds.... "So you're saying she hasn't taken her meds today"
Yes...but...they aren't daily meds so...
"Is there a chance she will be combative with our officers?"
No...she's SCARED...she's crying.
"Is she black?"
"Is she BLACK? Is she white?"
She's white...
"We'll send someone"

Already I'm like "shit...I shouldn't have called"

I call my mom back...

A few minutes later she tells me "they're here"
She has me on speaker:
"Mrs. ___"
Angrily "What's going on right now?"
"I suffer from PTSD, and ..
"Did you take your meds today?"
"Well, no..I have an anxiety pill, I was going to take it but it's in the bathroom and I was hiding under the stairwell because of the storm, i'm alone and I'm not from here I'm not used to tornadoes. can you just wait here for a minute while I take it, please?"
"Storm's over, what do you want us to do"
(The storm was NOT over, btw, it was, however, winding down in that area)
"I just...can you take me somewhere? The hospital? But can I go pee and take my pill first?"
(Still angry)"We don't transport people, what do you want me to do?"
"Ok, can you just hold on a second while I take my pill and go to the bathroom"
"I've got a lot of other calls to get to, I'll call someone for you.."
"Who are you going to call"
"People who can take you somewhere"
"I'm gonna go pee and take my pill now, please just wait here"

Then my mom gets back on the phone with me "I'm in the bathroom, did you hear that?"
"Yes, mom, get his name and his badge number and tell him to leave"

So she went to the bathroom, went back out...
The officer was in his car and wouldn't come back to the house, so she nervously walked down to his car, apparently.
And she tried to thank him and explain again that she suffers from PTSD and isn't used to tornadoes and was scared.
I don't know the whole convo except she says part of it was her trying to say that him making the drive out soothed her a bit because if he is driving in it it must not be as bad as she feared, to which he responded "you think I deserve to drive around here in this weather!?"

I'm so fucking pissed right now.

It's been a long long time since any interaction I've had with police has been positive, and this doesn't make me want to call them ever again, for sure.
Not only that but a large part of the trauma my mom has that caused the PTSD is related to an incident with officers.

Fuck you officer whoever you were. Fuck you man. Fuck you. Seriously.
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that is terrible! I'm sorry to hear about this Vallori. I've seen the same attitudes from people who actually are supposedly trained to deal with people (school teachers, social workers etc) and they are no better. For a lot of people it's just a job, they are just on a shift, on a call and dealing with just another "issue" and they forget that this is all about real people. I don't know if it's the job that turns good people into sociopaths or if the job simply attracts the kinds of people who see others and their struggles as fairly meaningless objects to toy with. As far as I'm concerned the less contact we can have with agencies and services staffed with people like that the better.
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I am a woman, wife, mother, (secular) homeschooler, and my family is the most important thing to me. 

My parenting technique is mostly "free range", and my homeschooling technique is mostly "child led" (though not quite unschooling).
I respect children as people and individuals, and believe that most children are far more intelligent, capable, and wise than we (people, collectively) typically give them credit for.  

I like hiking, camping, leisurely cycling, walking, and generally being outside.

I enjoy photography, Pentax cameras, knitting, crocheting, and making beaded jewelry.

I like helping people in need, and feel a sense of personal responsibility to try to  help people directly.  

I'm interested in nutrition, sustainable living, and learning and teaching my children as much as I can about as many subjects as possible. (and finding the right rescources to help us learn the things I cannot teach)

While I understand the natural desire to label things and people, and to associate with people of like mind, I also believe that if we stop making such an effort to segregate ourselves into groups by race, religion, politics, nationality, gender, ability, etc; we may realize that we are all HUMAN and learn to respect and accept each other as such. 
If we stop fighting for special or better treatment for whatever groups we have chosen to align ourselves with, and instead we all unite to fight for EQUAL treatment and freedom for ALL people, we can make a better world than we or anyone before us has ever experienced. 

I used to think that democracy was pretty great, but as I get older and pay more attention to politics, I think more and more that democracy is the #1 way to ensure that the majority always rules the minority. The only solution I can think of for this problem is to limit government enough so that ALL people have the freedom to live the way they choose (with the caveat that some sort of reprecussions should happen for any person that harms another).
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I'm pretty sure I'm a genuinely good person. That seems like something to brag about considering a lot of people I come in contact with.
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The laser maze was really cool. Smaller than I thought it would be, but also more fun than I expected. My teen son and I did the maze several times as a team and had a lot of fun. We'll definitely be back many more times.
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We are from out of town, but stopped in the replace my husband's mod and my tank. I'm really impressed. VaporGeeks has a larger variety of mods and tanks than I have seen in any vape shop in the Phoenix area, and much better prices on them, as well. The 3 juices we got (cinn sugar cookie, vanilla cupcake, and sub ohm French vanilla) are all good, and reasonably priced. The staff was very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions.
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