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Yasith Vidanaarachchi
CS Student at UofT | Android Developer | Google Intern (MySQL SRE & Fiber)
CS Student at UofT | Android Developer | Google Intern (MySQL SRE & Fiber)

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This auto awesome photo came out nice.

First point in Comcast + TWC merger is "Net Neutrality Protection"... ^_^

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Developers get ready for Android 5.0 Lollipop!

Check back on October 17 for the Android 5.0 SDK and updated Nexus preview images. Stay tuned here for details:


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This is going to be very controversial. Interested in seeing the conversations it's going to bring up.

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New Genymotion release. Network quality emulation sounds very interesting. Can't wait to test it out.

Feature Request: Auto backups.

I just lost all my lifting history, because I forgot to make a backup of my FitNotes before flashing a ROM. Would be nice to have automated backups after each workout.


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Much easier than using the `pbcopy | highlight | pbpaste` fiasco that I've been doing.
Tip: Syntax highlighting everywhere

Occasionally, I get questions from people about how I apply such neat syntax highlighting in my emails and my presentation decks.  There are online tools to do this, but frankly, it sounds like work, and I don't want extra work.  

My current favorite way is right in Android Studio — the IntelliJ plugin 'Copy' on Steroids.  (Plus, it has an amusing name.)  You can install it by going to Android Studio > Preferences > Plugins > Browse Repositories.  Now, your default Ctrl-C copies RTF text ready to paste into Gmail, Keynote, or whatever you use.  Keep doing what you're doing, just do it with more style!

(not really #androiddev, but close enough)

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This is awesome. +William Armstrong 
This is a follow on from +Cyril Mottier's post yesterday[0] about floating labels on Android. If you haven't seen that post, go read it first. #AndroidDev

This pattern is actually something that I implemented last week (but haven't got around to posting). So anyway here is my implementation: 


So what makes this different to the other libraries on GitHub?
For my use I needed to be able to still create the EditText myself in XML, for styling and other purposes.  As you can see in the example_layout.xml file in the gist, FloatingLabelLayout wraps around your EditText to provide a label rather than trying to control everything.

FloatingLabelLayout also changes the label's activated state based on the EditText's focused state. This means that you can easily set the label's textColor to a ColorStateList[1], to change it's color if the input is focused (see the screencap below).

Animated Photo

Suggestion: Any chance of having multiple pre-set timers ?

I take 1, 3 and 5 minute breaks for different workouts. And it's slightly inconvenient to type 180seconds and 300 seconds, each time.
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