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If we could improve the volunteer experience with the Engineer-in-Residence program --a personal account
A successful program that has been running for years, Engineer In Residence, EIR, program was established to help "bridge the gap" that often exists between "real world and classroom theory". The program places P.Eng and EITs in elementary and high schools ...

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Zipcar's cancellation policy --occasional driving membership plan
I have been a Zipcar member since December of 2010.  Given I needed access to car, on average, once a month; I opted for Occasional Driving Membership plan.  In this schema, I paid a one time admin fee, and an annual fee.  Under this plan, I had the flexibi...

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Review: A Spooll of Blue Thread, by Anne Tyler
The story is about a big family. We start reading about the
Whitshanks in the present time, and then reading their parents', and
finally their grand parents' stories. Yet with all the background
information, which I should say the author has done a prett...

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Make it an Easy-clean bathroom
I have often appreciated the bare minimum condo developers provide in each room of the condo, leaving them to owners to customize.  It has become a tradition, and almost a hobby to get busy with a small size renovation project around this time each year. Th...

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Visiting London / three nights / 2016
Best thing we ever did was to order Oyster card online, which arrived before our departure.  With 15GBP credit on the card, it made our transfer from Heathrow to our hotel cheap, and effortless.   During our time in London, we tapped the card upon entering ...

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The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt
I am on such emotional high right now, and it has been a couple of days since I flipped the last page of The Goldfinch. I can't stop thinking about the plot, the characters, the language, the prose, and the places mentioned in this book. And that's only scr...

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Work at home -a benefit or a curse
Is working from home an individual's or a corporate's privilege?  It's hard to say?  On one end, an individual benefits from the freedom, flexibility, and convenience it provides, and on the other end, corporation benefits from saving on the cost of maintai...

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Home cure for the dry cough
If you have suffered from a dry cough spell, you'd know they are not fun! This hateful condition starts with a ticklish feeling in the membrane of the throat, which one badly wants to reach and scratch, however, that's not practical so what happens instead?...

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The Midwife of Venice, Roberta Rich
Roberta Rich says the story came to her on a trip to Venice, when visiting the Jewish ghettos she imagined life of the Jewish families arriving from Northern Europe, Spain and Portugal, and settling in these neighborhoods in the 16th century.   Hannah Levi,...

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Buying the right laptop 2016
There!  It's September and marketing folks prefix or append "back to school" to products in order to make their purchase necessary at this time of the year.  One product that is very relevant these days is a Laptop.  I have a Dell Inspiron. It takes up a la...
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