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Please share this on your own pages. This is ACTA...a worldwide version of SOPA and PIPA. Chances are, if you're reading this, your country has already signed it.
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Done. I tried to read through this earlier today. Unfortunately, my mind is lazy today. Are there aspects of ACTA similar to SOPA and PIPA? Such as the DNS blocking (since removed from SOPA and PIPA).
From what I understand of it, yes. On top of the internet nonsense, this one turns out to be some kind of all encompassing version. Everything from food/drug to manufactured products. I can understand the reasoning behind it somewhat, but the way they have it planned out as of now seems to be for no real reason other than control. >:-(
As far as the internet goes, any site deemed as copyright infringing, I guess all over the world, can be blocked by the host country.
I agree, it is important to protect business ip/copyright. But their approach is whack. It is ridiculous how much money has been spent trying to get their measures passed. All because of pirating of torrents, which they say will ruin the industry. Same thing they said with VHS, DVD, and now torrents. You would think that by now they would learn to embrace new technologies.
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