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Ryan Oetken

5th grade teacher in Omaha, NE CST looking to do a hangout internationally/nationally with Spanish speaking students. I teach in a very diverse district and want to give my Spanish speaking students an opportunity to help lead the hangout. Let me know if there is any interest.

Still in need of a class to Mystery Hangout with. My students were going to do one last week but we had tech issues. We then had one back out today. We have a slot open this Friday at 9:30 CST. We are 5th grade in NE.

Looking for a class to #mysteryhangout or #mysteryskype with this Friday at 9:15-10:00 CST. We are 5th grade in NE. I just had one fall out for this Friday as well as tech issues with the one last Friday.

Anyone want to help my 5th graders out? We need to makeup a #MysterySkype #MysteryHangout today that had tech issues. It's our first one and they were excited. We would need to do it around 3:00 CST. We are in NE.

Looking to do a #MysterySkype or #MysteryHangout on Friday from 9:15-10:00 AM CST with a 5th grade class. We are in NE.

Anybody willing to connect with 5th graders from NE this morning at 9:00-9:30 CST?

Looking for a class to Mystery Hangout with 2 classrooms tomorrow (May 22). One at 9:30-10:30 CST and another at 10:30 to 11:30 CST. We are 5th grade in NE.

Need a hangout right now for about 15 mins! WE are in NE. 5th grade.

Looking for a class right now unless MD calls! I have a class ready to do a mystery hangout. We are 5th grade in NE.

Anybody want to Mystery Hangout with a 5th grade in NE in 15 mins? We have 3 days left....We are CST.
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