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The latest move by +Google Chrome disturbs me a little.  By enforcing the "Instant Extended API" on all of their users, they have basically turned the New Tab Page into a mandatory "" homepage, with much of the functionality of the previous New Tab Page ripped out.

A lot of people are upset about it, myself included.  There didn't appear to be any reason to make this change except to force greater interaction with Google services.  It does not appear to improve anything or add any new features.  Some features have even been crippled.

They seem to be treating it the same way Microsoft did when they announced Metro's integration into Windows 8's Start Menu.  Or... heh, when Google forced +YouTube comments to require a Google+ account.

They have some ambiguous and private "positive user feedback" and they're throwing it in the faces of all their upset users and telling them to suck it up.  Not at all sociopathic.  Not at all... #sarcasm

Hey +Google!  I'm curious to know how explicitly you'll be controlling my internet experience once +Google Fiber rolls out.  Will you be claiming unanimous positive feedback when you begin redirecting all Facebook traffic to Google+, too?  #rantover

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I'm for this, though I can't help but wonder what the implementation  details would be like.

More transparency in government is always appreciated.  Civil security comes before national security.  Intelligence agencies are meant to work to protect us, not themselves or anyone else.

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This is a great idea, especially if it is implemented in:
Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, North Carolina, and no where else.

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Damn you +AT&T.  You're pulling a lot of this crap in my neighborhood, and I have absolutely no recourse.

The only other ISP in my area is ClearWire, and they're not competing.  Sure, they'll sell me service, but 1.6kbps and >90% packet loss isn't "competing" in the least.  I know this, because I was suckered by them once.

I swear, ClearWire has got to be some kind of shill company for other ISPs to point at and say, "See?  There is competition here!  Can't sue us~!"

Someday, you will serve your customers, rather than the dollar, again.  Eventually, our government will get out of their dysfunctional funk and start busting your oligarchy.

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Seems #TESOnline is trying to pull a "Creation Engine", trying to rename their chosen game engine because it is generating negative interest and press. Zenimax is pretty much the only company I know that will try to pass off their engine modifications as brand new, original engines.

I do not know what the problem is with HeroEngine; my beef isn't with that. It is the bullshit they're trying to feed us in response to the bad press and fan doubt that I'm concerned about.

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When I first saw the pic that heads up this post, I thought it was a Katia Managan reference, of Prequel Adventure fame. xD But the blog post isn't supposed to be for +The Elder Scrolls.

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Hoo-boy... You know, people been asking for this for a while. A TES MMO just seems to be, like, the coolest idea ever! An Elder Scrolls game that is an MMO! Strangely, I've heard nothing but scorn regarding it since the first solid details leaked.

Fair warning: Rant ahead...

Oh, so #TESOnline is instead looking to be yet another WoW-clone, this time with TES-themed wrapping paper. "You're making it out like those are two different things! It's TES and MMO, together! What's the difference!?" I hear you ask (or maybe it was someone else).

It is really all about what makes a TES game what it is; what gameplay tropes carry from one game in the franchise to the next. A TES game's primary underlying gameplay trope is "you become who you want, do what you want; live in a world through the eyes of the hero." It's all extremely freeform; nothing is barred. Everything about how you interact with the game and it's world is up to you. You decide what skills you hone, what factions you work for, what guilds you associate with. You can just pick a compass direction and go, ignoring the story and quests altogether!

Unfortunately, these tropes don't seem to be all that present in this game they label as something belonging to the TES franchise. Looking at this bulletpoint distillation of a private showing of the game, linked below, almost all of that has been thrown aside. Instead, we see tropes more strongly associated with #WorldOfWarcraft.

You might argue that the TES tropes just won't translate well into an MMO, but I'd have to disagree with you since I've seen them done successfully before (but not all together at once). You might then argue that the WoW tropes are just a characteristic of the genre, but I would have to disagree again. It was a very successful model, the most successful up to now without a doubt, but MMOs before and after it were relatively successful on different models.

The grand-daddy of them all, #UltimaOnline, still chuggin' along since 1997, doesn't use many of the tropes #WorldOfWarcraft is known for. #EVEOnline even fewer. How about #PlanetSide? So why the reliance? Just look at how much goes into making an MMO. I've read that #TESOnline has $300M and 5 years of development time invested in it at this point. When that amount of resources are on the line, companies tend to be pretty conservative, favoring to copy the most successful model currently known rather than trying to discover a new, possibly more successful model.

Unfortunately, since WoW was launched, probably a dozen companies all came to the same conclusion. This has led to a massive stagnation in the genre and the gaming public is starting to become irrate, hence the scorn for #TESOnline. #SWTOR is really only still afloat thanks to it's association with Star Wars, an immensely powerful franchise, but #TESOnline isn't going to have this.

#TESOnline is going to fail and fail hard because it isn't being what it was supposed to be: a massively multiplayer TES game. Yeah, it has the TES lore... But not the game, and the game is what people wanted. No one wants WoW again; we've played that one already! You can just no longer be successful by following the WoW-model of MMOs.

This may well destroy Zenimax Online and force Bethesda's parent company through some rough times. I can't help but wonder how the management over there is feeling about the future of their company after seeing this reaction.

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Kiwi has a smart idea. Other animals should pay attention.

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This video on climate change is really entertaining. This guy, Hank Green... Gotta love his work.

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With each passing day, I feel like the word 'America' gets a darker and darker connotation in all possible contexts.

Also, been watching this YouTube show called Crash Course: World History on YouTube ( Every great civilization has it's time, a golden age, followed by a great collapse and inevitable downfall. We are totally, without a doubt, on that down slope.

Also, why can I only create one link, movie, or photo per post? Google, what is the deal with that?
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