My initial idea was locked in syndrome but a conversation with Travis Norris revealed my idea wasn't as original as I thought, apparently Metallica beat me to the punch by twenty six years. My next idea was a ghost train, a concept I've been in love with since I saw the play by Arnold Ridley. I've wanted to write this song forever but have never got beyond the insistent diminished third piano chord that recurs throughout my arrangement. The signal crossing alarm always sounded so haunting to me.

Making the music scary proved an interesting challenge, its rare to see artists trying to scare their audience. I remembered stories of audience members running out screaming from early Black Sabbath gigs, unfortunately I'm kinda indifferent to the band. However it did remind me of another rock band you always sound creepy to me: 'Queens Of The Stone Age'.

And that's kinda it, really. An uneasy chamber music opening over a piano chord that transitions into heavier rock arrangement, all of which hopefully sounds creepy. I increased the tempo at various points to make it more frenetic, to the point where the guitar parts the third break are really too fast for me to play. I then ruined my voice doing the screaming, laughing and growling at the very end; then burying them too far in the mix to really hear.

Eh, its not really a sophisticated song but it was fun to make. A little undercooked though as I needs some tweaking. The guitar parts need some significant rewrites (partly so I can actually play them) and I think a bridge to advance the narrative a little more is necessary. I also think the tempo changes need to be more frequent and subtle. Regardless of how I do I least got to watch half an episode of 'Hey Arnold' as research so I chalking it up as a victory.
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