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Jignesh Patel
Smile is the solution of all the problems.
Smile is the solution of all the problems.

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Hey Guys,

I am looking for Auto Complete support for Data Binding Library since too long.

Is it available in AS 2.0 Beta ?
If not can anyone let us know about road map for that ?

Error while setting up Android Studio 2.0 Preview 5 on Ubuntu 15.04

This error lead user to infinite or long running task which user can't aware about.
=> It's continues running error it can't show in error in notification we need to check manually what should be happen or we need dig deep to check what it should be ?
why it is taking time (I am waiting to complete this)?

Gradle Console Output :

I got some different menu icons and fonts for default menu and project structure panel. It is some what difficult for me to work on that..

Can anyone know how to fix this graphics type of issue inside android studio ?

Has anyone facing the issue of some wired UI theme for android studio menu and menu icons after upgrading to latest nightly build ?

Android Studio 1.4 Beta 3
Build #AI-141.2240497, built on September 9, 2015

Error while opening any layout xml file also right side preview panel is not loaded. 

=> window with id="Preview" is already registered

Also submitted the crash. Please do needful.

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Can't able to take screenshot of layout like before in Android Studio 0.8.0

Unexpected error while obtaining screenshot: com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.AnActionEvent@4965fc96

Can anyone please fix this?

Watching Keynotes from Google I/O 2014

#io2014 #google

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Yes, I can change.. 
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