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Melissa ra Karit

In early 2013, when I came out to my Initiate class as genderqueer, our Initiator, Yeshe Rabbit, asked if I would like to take the title Priest/ess in recognition of my non-binary nature.

In the spring of 2016, when I asked for blessings from CAYA's founders, the Elderflowers, on me during my Initiation into CAYA's new mxgender/non-binary Tradition, Yeshe Rabbit responded with a blessing to give me the power to create, support, and defend this needed sacred space.

It saddens me to see my friend, a women of great personal integrity who has offered her tireless support and love to the trans and mxgender people in CAYA, being attacked for being transphobic. May the truth of these situations come fully to light, may justice prevail and may all beings treat each other with compassion.

+Yeshe Matthews Thank you for all you have done over the years.

To all who can't be with their families today, or who can't be their true selves with their families: I see you. I love you. Merry Christmas.

Blessing for the Body in the Night

Night bless your feet
May they carry you far for long walks in the dark
Night bless your legs
May they dance the night through
Night bless your hips and what's cradled between them
May the dance of your pleasure be long, wet, deep, high, and full
Night bless your belly
May the empty ache that sometimes finds you in the middle of the night
teach you how to hold space
Night bless your chest and your beating heart
May you be alive to the electric pulse of the night
Night bless your throat
May you rest with the silence and scream with the music
Night bless your eyes
May their heaviness be eased
Night bless your crown
May the flash of your thoughts bring you great inspiration
Night bless your body
Awake in the night

Be joyful!

To all those in the streets, I am with you.

Black Mother, First Mother
Mother of us all
Hear your Priest/ess' call!

Spread Your great wings of protection
Over those protesting in the streets
And those who have already been arrested
Give of Your healing balm
To those who have been injured
In spirit or in body
As You spoke words of power
And changes the world
May these words, too, rise up and shape the world

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