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GlobeShift & Global Om
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GlobeShift & Global Om

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Hello everyone!  Excited to create this page for GlobeShift.  Check out what we are all about at and consider joining us for Global Om 108 on International Day of Peace -  Sept 21, 2012
Experiencing GO. Global Om is a beautiful and very powerful experience. I felt connected to the people that I did the Om chant with, and felt peace and harmony. - Vera, Tel Aviv, Israel. Chanting toge...
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GlobeShift Unifies Spirit through Technology bringing the Experience of Intention

GlobeShift ~ Unifying Spirit Through Technology

We believe that Spirit and Technology are two points on a continuum.  In our world today, we often use technology to enable and enhance the capabilities we naturally have as humans, but have simply forgotten how to access.  GlobeShift seeks to create experiences of spirituality, mindfulness, metaphysics, holiness, intention, connection to source - however you want to think of it - through the use of technology so that a broader audience may be touched. 

We believe we can change how this World Is.   How the Earth Lives.  How People Be.

Global Om (#GlobalOm) is our first product and Global Om 108 (#GlobalOm108) is our first community initiative.  We hope you will join your voice with others from around the world!

Thank you! - Limor Schafman, Founder